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US Housing Recovery: Cross-Sector Impact

As the US housing market continues its gradual recovery, Moody’s Investors Service and Moody’s Analytics each explore the impact of the housing recovery on a variety of sectors and different participants in the housing market. Moody's Investors Service has produced US Housing Recovery: Cross-Sector Impact, a collection of articles on the subject. Moody's Analytics has also published reports expressing its unique perspective on the topic.

1.0: Cross-Sector Impact of US Housing Recovery   1.5: Financial Institutions
1.1: Overview   1.6: Corporate Finance
1.2: Macroeconomic Analysis   1.7: Structured Finance
1.3: Sovereign   2.0: Moody’s Analytics Research
1.4: US Public Finance    

1.0: Cross-Sector Impact of US Housing Recovery
The impact of the US housing market recovery across fixed-income sectors will be predominantly credit positive. This compendium of research from Moody’s Investors Service addresses several key themes that will drive the housing recovery: rising home prices, improved asset performance and changes in mortgage lending. How each sector responds to the housing recovery depends on its exposure to these themes. Sectors that we cover include the US sovereign, US public finance, financial institutions, corporates and structured finance.
Publication Date Sector Reports
24 Jul 2013 ​All US Housing Recovery: Cross-Sector Impact
1.1: Overview -This overview explains key themes of the housing recovery and gives examples of how they apply across different sectors.
Publication Date Sector Reports
24 Jul 2013 All Cross - Sector Impact Of US Housing Recovery Will Be Predominantly Credit Positive
1.2: Macroeconomic Analysis -The US economy, and the housing market in particular, continue their gradual improvement.
Publication Date Sector Reports
​27 Sep 2013 ​Macro Housing Recovery Hangs On But Faces Risks
​24 Jul 2013 ​Macro
US Housing Market Recovery Will Continue its Gradual Pace
1.3: Sovereign -GSEs’ profitability and stronger economic growth boost government revenues.
Publication Date Region Reports
24 Jul 2013 US Housing Recovery Positive for Federal Government Finance
1.4: US Public Finance- The housing recovery is a net positive for local governments and housing finance agencies.
Publication Date Sector Reports
24 Jul 2013 Housing Financial Agencies Housing Recovery Signals Gradual Upturn for State Housing Finance Agencies
24 Jul 2013 Local Governments Tax Caps and Assessment Lags Dampen Local Governments’ Gains from Housing Recovery
1.5: Financial Institutions- Financial institutions benefit from rising homeowner equity, increased consumer confidence and lower default rates.
Publication Date Sector Reports
24 Jul 2013 Banking Improving Housing Market Is Credit Positive for US Banks’ Asset Quality
24 Jul 2013 Government Sponsored Enterprises Reduced Credit Losses and Higher Guarantee Fees Will Boost Profitability of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
24 Jul 2013 Non-Bank Mortgage Finance Declining Prepayments and Delinquencies are Credit Positive for Residential Mortgage Servicers
24 Jul 2013 Financial Guarantors Rising House Prices Help Limit Financial Guarantors' Losses and Downside Risk
​24 Jul 2013 ​Mortgage Insurers
Rising House Prices Drive Improving Profitability for US Mortgage Insurers
1.6: Corporate Finance- Higher home prices and more housing starts will increase corporates’ sales revenue.
Publication Date Sector Reports
​27 Sep 2013 ​Building Materials Housing Recovery and Increased Repair and Remodeling Work Fuel Growing Optimism
​25 Sep 2013 ​Homebuilders Wave of Pent-Up Demand Carries US Housing Recovery into Second Year
24 Jul 2013 Homebuilders US Homebuilders Enjoy Consumers’ Stampede to the Market
24 Jul 2013 Building Materials Recovering Homebuilding Industry Will Support Increased Building Materials Demand
24 Jul 2013 Retail Housing market recovery gives extra boost to home improvement sales
24 Jul 2013 Forest Products Housing Recovery Will Increase Wood Products Volumes but Decrease Prices
24 Jul 2013 Consumer Products Housing Recovery Will Drive New and Replacement Sales
24 Jul 2013 Capital Goods/Construction Equipment Boost from US Housing Recovery Won’t Fully Offset Industrial, Commercial Challenges
​24 Jul 2013 Real Estate Brokers
Companies Will Reap Modest Gains from Housing Recovery
1.7: Structured Finance- The housing recovery supports improving credit quality in RMBS, TRuPS CDOs, timber ABS and tax-lien ABS but has a negative impact on the collateral backing multifamily CMBS and REITs.
Publication Date Sector Reports
24 Jul 2013 RMBS Improving home prices will help to lower losses on existing RMBS mortgage pools
24 Jul 2013 CMBS / REITS US Housing Recovery Poses Challenges to Multifamily Properties Backing CMBS and Apartment REITs
​24 Jul 2013 CDOs – TruPS Bank TruPS CDOs Benefit from Continued US Housing Market Recovery
24 Jul 2013 Tax Liens US Housing Rebound Benefits Tax Lien Securitizations
24 Jul 2013 Timber Housing Recovery is Credit Positive for Timber Bonds
2.0: Moody’s Analytics Research
The Economics & Consumer Credits Analytics team is a leading independent provider of data, analysis, modeling and forecasts on national and regional economies, financial markets, and credit risk.

The Capital Markets Research Group analyzes a range of market signals and subsequently delivers insight and opinion on prevailing market sentiment.

The views expressed here do not necessarily represent those of Moody’s Investors Service.
Publication Date Research Team Reports
24 Jul 2013 ​Economics & Consumer Credit Analytics U.S. Housing Outlook: Popping Bubble Fears
25 Jul 2013 Capital Markets Research Group Credit Expansion Needed to Sustain Housing’s Rebound
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