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Corporate Social Responsibility Overview and Practices
A message from Ray McDaniel the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Moody’s Corporation
Moody's commitment to our communities encompasses our businesses, philanthropy activities and employee engagement programs, touching on all three components of the triple bottom line. They enrich the lives of the people of Moody’s, the people of the communities where we live and work and the people of the world. Employees are encouraged and rewarded for their personal philanthropy and volunteerism.

We are proud to report that most of our employees world-wide participate in a company sponsored volunteer event as well as engage in volunteerism on their own. This impressive response from our people has both external and internal rewards.
Through the Moody’s TeamUp® program, individual volunteering, as well as our skills based volunteering and nonprofit board service programs, Moody's employees actively engage with each other and their communities. This strengthens and enhances relationships, improves neighborhoods, and demonstrates our company's corporate citizenship with the power of good deeds.

We thank all of our employee volunteers for the impact they are making in the communities in which we work and live. 
 Raymond W. McDaniel, Jr. Raymond W. McDaniel, Jr.
President and Chief Executive Officer
Moody's Corporation

Moody's Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility
As a global company active in financial markets around the world, it is our belief that Moody’s Corporation has a responsibility to our stakeholders as well as to the communities where we live and  work. Our commitment is built on the deeply ingrained sense of social responsibility among our employees and the recognition that our company grows stronger by helping to advance local communities, business practices and individual lives around the world.

Our social investment is wide-reaching and includes:

  • Valuing Our People
  • Advancing Diversity
  • Developing Our Global Community
  • Contributing to Economic Development
  • Managing Our Business
  • Caring for the Environment
  • Respecting Human Rights

Moody’s Environmental Policy
Moody’s Corporation is committed to doing our part to protect and care for the environments in which we live and work, including compliance with the letter and spirit of all relevant environmental legislation. This commitment is demonstrated by the continuous development and implementation of practical and effective corporate policies and programs that support the more efficient use of natural resources and reduce the impact of our businesses on the environment.

Our commitment is demonstrated by the continuous development and implementation of practical and effective corporate policies and programs that support the more efficient use of natural resources and reduce the impact of our businesses on the environment. Some of our practices include:

Site Selection, Design and Construction: Several environmental impact considerations guide our process for selecting and designing our physical office locations, including: availability of public transportation; LEED certification (or local equivalent); and use of energy efficient, recycled and sustainable materials, fixtures and control systems.

Facilities Management: We follow a number of processes to minimize the environmental impact associated with maintaining our facilities. For example, we comply with local and landlord-driven recycling programs, recycle kitchen grease and compost wet trash in food service locations. We use eco-friendly cleaning products and maintain our equipment and infrastructure to ensure ongoing efficiency.

Procurement Practices: Our procurement decisions are guided by environmental factors, including purchasing energy efficient products, encouraging the use of products made from recycled materials and including environmental impact in our evaluation of procurement alternatives for services, manufacturing, travel and other products.

Respecting Human Rights
At Moody’s Corporation, integrity is one of our core values, holding us to the highest standards of honesty, transparency and fairness in our dealings with each other, with customers and with all market participants. With this as our foundation, our Code of Business Conduct clearly defines the behaviors we expect from all of our employees in their daily business activities and interactions with each other. Our principles of honesty, integrity and transparency extend to all aspects of our business — where our offices are located, suppliers we do business with and how we respect and support our employees. Our internal privacy guidelines are designed to protect and maintain the confidentiality of employees’ personally identifiable information.

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CSR Policy
Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services and Moody’s Shared Services India have developed CSR policies in compliance with Section 135 of the Companies Act 2013 and the rules notified thereafter.