Regulation of Financial Institutions
The latest developments in regulation and capital requirements for banks and insurers globally.
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    17 JAN 2020|Sector Comment|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    The measures stimulate busimess growth , tighten risk supervision and regulatory requirements to support profitability, improve asset quality and strengthen resilience to economic shocks.
    16 JAN 2020|Sector Comment|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    Russian corporates increasingly tap local bond market and substitute bank bilateral loans, which weakens the banking sector earnings generation.
    15 JAN 2020|Sector Comment|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    A lower approval rate of retail loans signals banks’ reduced risk appetite, which will benefit their asset quality.
    14 JAN 2020|Sector In-Depth|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    The new CECL (Current Expected Credit Losses) standard, adopted in January 2020 by large SEC filers, will have a limited impact on most large listed US banks.
    13 JAN 2020|Sector Comment|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    New rules will specify the business scope and tighten the capital adequacy requirements for commercial leasing companies.
    26 DEC 2019|Issuer Comment|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    Setting a price to access depositary services opens B3 up to possible competition.
    18 DEC 2019|Sector Comment|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    New rules on the use of shared ATMs by fintech startups' customers will likely reduce transactional fees for these banks and customers and will support distribution for newcomers
    16 DEC 2019|Sector In-Depth|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    German law-based covered bonds, or Pfandbriefe, are governed by strong requirements on data transparency, which support the credit quality of mortgage-backed covered bonds.
    02 DEC 2019|Sector Comment|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    While EIOPA’s current proposed changes would lead to a potentially material decline in some insurers’ Solvency II ratios, we anticipate that they will be softened by policymakers.
    22 NOV 2019|Sector Comment|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    The final rule includes several revisions to the original proposal which we expect will reduce capital requirements at most large US banks.