California utilities in the wake of the PG&E bankruptcy
The PG&E bankruptcy has significant credit ramifications for an array of utilities, power projects and cities in California. 
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    12 NOV 2019|Sector In-Depth|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    Presenters and panelists covered a potent mix of risks facing banks and non-bank finance companies in a “new normal” operating environment at our 30 October conference in New York.
    31 OCT 2019|Sector Comment|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    The political backlash arising from Pacific Gas & Electric Company's recent power shutoffs could lead to a less supportive regulatory environment for California's investor-owned utilities.
    31 OCT 2019|Sector Profile|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    Moody’s Delinquency Tracker (DQT) decreased to 3.12% in September 2019, lowest rate since September 2009
    31 OCT 2019|Sector Comment|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    Low interest rates are encouraging European insurers to issue loss-absorbing RT1 debt, enhancing their financial flexibility.
    28 OCT 2019|Sector Comment|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    As the frequency of public safety power shutoffs increase, economic and social costs of outages will rise.
    23 OCT 2019|Sector In-Depth|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    Transactions seeking to monetise European telecoms companies' mobile tower portfolios need to be analysed individually to determine the credit implications.
    16 OCT 2019|Issuer Comment|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    The wildfire could result in about $100 million in gross property damage. But SCE is well-positioned to absorb potential claims of this magnitude.
    20 SEP 2019|Sector Profile|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    A total of 46 loans are in special servicing at the end of the month of August
    18 SEP 2019|Sector In-Depth|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    State regulatory and legislative developments have been mostly credit positive over the course of 2019, driven by new legislation supporting renewable goals and utility recovery mechanisms.
    06 AUG 2019|Sector In-Depth|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    We answer frequently asked questions from investors about California's new wildfire law and the wildfire risks facing the state's investor-owned utilities.