ESG Impact
Market participants are focusing more on the potential for environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues to affect investment decisions and to assist in the development of a more sustainable economy.

    05 Dec 2019|Moody's Investors Service
     Governance is material to all sovereign credits. In general, environmental and social considerations are not differentiating rating factors across all sovereigns at all times, but they are m
    19 Nov 2019|Moody's Investors Service
    In this report, we detail key findings from our recent “Spotlight on Credit as ESG Accelerates” event, including results of a number of polls and some of the views our analysts presented.

    18 Nov 2019|Moody's Investors Service
    Populist political movements and agendas are increasingly shaping national and regional policy debates, particularly in advanced economies. These movements are highly diverse, and their credit implications are likely to be uneven. However, over the next several years the implications for clarity of policy direction, growth, and debt trends are more likely to be negative than positive.

    25 Nov 2019|Moody's Investors Service
    The median governance assessment (GA) score for 19 North American pharmaceutical companies with about $322 billion in debt is GA-1, indicating governance characteristics that are closely aligned with what we define as a credit-friendly benchmark.

    20 Nov 2019|Moody's Investors Service
    California's wildfire fund is large enough to cover potential claims from the state's three investor-owned utilities. The amount that a utility ultimately seeks from the wildfire fund will be much lower than its gross claims because the claims are typically settled at a much lower value.

    19 Nov 2019|Moody's Investors Service
    The European Union’s 2050 long-term strategy, published by the European Commission at the end of 2018, outlines the pathway to a low-carbon economy. We estimate that it will require $500 billion in capital investment to deliver the increased wind and solar capacity indicated in the EU long-term strategy to 2030.