Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
Market participants are focusing more on the potential for environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues to impact investment decisions and to assist in the development of a more sustainable economy. View Moody’s latest research.
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    12 NOV 2019|Issuer Comment|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    The issuance will broaden CAFFIL and SFIL's will potentially reduce their funding costs and consolidate their position in the fast-growing green covered bond market.
    11 NOV 2019|Sector In-Depth|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    Miners with depleting coal reserves, license renewal risk or limited funding sources, particularly in light of creditor concerns over environmental risks, will face the most challenges.
    08 NOV 2019|Sector In-Depth|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    Utility exposure to cyber attacks is on the rise due to grid modernization efforts that expand the attack surface for threat actors and become interlinked with more vulnerable third parties.
    08 NOV 2019|Issuer In-Depth|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    Berry's acquisition of RPC makes it the biggest rated plastic packaging maker by sales offering purchasing power and global reach, but also introduces leverage and integration risks
    07 NOV 2019|Sector Comment|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    Texas voters approved Proposition 8, creating a Flood Infrastructure Fund to help local governments enhance their ability to mitigate damage from natural disasters, a credit positive.
    07 NOV 2019|Sector In-Depth|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    Green bond issuance continued its strong pace during the third quarter as issuers brought $63.9 billion to market, propelling issuance for the first three quarters to $189.5 billion.
    06 NOV 2019|Issuer In-Depth|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    GERD will boost Ethiopia's external position and growth potential but the authorities will need to manage displacement costs, ecological damage and governance challenges to realize the gains
    06 NOV 2019|Research Announcement|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    The boards of the investment-grade North American E&P companies are well positioned today to oversee their ongoing portfolio transitions toward unconventional plays.
    06 NOV 2019|Sector In-Depth|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    Income inequality is associated with less predictable policy environments, higher spending pressures and weaker long-term growth.
    05 NOV 2019|Sector In-Depth|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    Lack of affordable housing and rising homelessness are social and financial strains on many public finance issuers, posing credit risks associated with expenses, leverage and other factors.