Healthcare Change and Innovation
This page provides a centralized source for Moody's research on key credit issues relating to healthcare. 
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    13 MAY 2020|Sector In-Depth|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    Hospitals will face credit risks resulting from the coronavirus into 2021 with the ability to reactivate elective surgeries playing a key role in how fast the recovery takes.
    05 MAY 2020|Issuer Comment|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    The acquisition will increase Molina’s market share and revenue in Medicaid. The $820 million deal will be paid from existing cash and is scheduled to close in first-quarter 2021.
    16 JAN 2020|Compilations|Healthcare Quarterly|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    A look at the most significant issues facing the industry as we head into the new year and the companies they are most likely to affect.
    16 DEC 2019|Sector Comment|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    The rising cost of healthcare and the growing uninsured population underlie the challenges to affordability and access for households, fueling the high social risks for the healthcare sector
    The change in outlook to stable from negative reflects our expectations for the credit conditions driving the US not-for-profit and public healthcare sector over the next 12 to 18 months
    03 DEC 2019|Issuer Comment|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    A surge in Medicaid costs has doubled New York's projected budget gaps and will require decisive action by the state.
    13 NOV 2019|Sector In-Depth|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    The adoption of new or expanded federal healthcare programs would expand the role of the federal government in financing healthcare, but to varying degrees.
    24 OCT 2019|Compilations|Healthcare Quarterly|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    Beyond Medicare-for-all: This edition of the Healthcare Quarterly looks at how various political, legislative and regulatory developments will affect the credit of several industry sectors.
    02 OCT 2019|Sector Comment|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    Worker's health insurance premiums continue to outpace wages, which is credit negative for the economy and companies, as they weigh on households finances and impede access to healthcare.
    03 SEP 2019|Sector In-Depth|MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE
    By canceling higher-rate in-network contracts, UnitedHealth would lower median reimbursement rates in certain geographies — a key benchmark in proposals to curb surprise medical bills.