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Trade Tensions


Research & Ratings

  DateDocument Type Title Issuer/Entity
15 Jul 2020 Sector Comment Regulation – Europe: Digital tax likely will have limited impact on digital media and retail companies, while supporting sovereign revenue
24 Feb 2020 Sector Comment Container Shipping – Europe: Coronavirus related sailing cuts will reduce first-quarter volumes, a credit negative
16 Jan 2020 Sector Comment Trade – Emerging Markets: “Phase one” US-China deal is credit positive, but scope for friction persists
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16 Jan 2020 Sector Comment Telecommunications & Equipment Makers – Europe: Huawei uncertainty is credit negative for European telecoms, neutral for Ericsson, Nokia
17 Dec 2019 Sector Comment Cross-Sector – Europe: Potential US sanctions on Nord Stream 2 pose risks to Gazprom, its European financing partners & contractors
08 Oct 2019 Sector Comment Packaged Alcoholic Beverages – Europe: US proposed tariff on European single malt whiskies is credit negative for Diageo and Pernod Ricard
27 Feb 2019 Sector Comment Cross-Sector - Global: US-China trade negotiations progress, diminishing key risk to global growth, but tensions will persist
19 Feb 2019 Sector Comment Cross-Sector - Global: US auto tariffs would pose risks to global growth and ripple across auto sectors
21 Jan 2019 Sector Comment Steel - Europe: Trade protection measures are mildly credit positive for EU-based steel producers
03 Sep 2018 Sector Comment Sovereign – Central & Eastern Europe : Auto tariffs would marginally dampen growth, credit implications are limited
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