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Sarah Carlson
Senior Vice President  
Marie Diron
Associate Managing Director
Atsi Sheth
Managing Director
Alastair Wilson
Global Managing Director  

Financial Institutions
Ana Arsov
Associate Managing Director  
Sean Jones
Associate Managing Director  
U.S. Public Finance
Gail Sussman
Managing Director
Timothy Blake
Managing Director  

Structured Finance
Navneet Agarwal
Managing Director
Jonathan Polansky
Managing Director 
Corporate Finance

Tom Marshella
Managing Director
Paloma San Valentin

Managing Director - CCO  

U.S. Infrastructure
Michael Mulvaney
Managing Director
Suzanne Wingo

VP-Sr Credit Officer  

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United States in Focus

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  • 16 Feb 2017
    • US climate policy shifts would not stop global decarbonisation momentum
      Institutional and private sector forces will underpin global decarbonisation efforts, despite potential changes in US climate policy. As such, the effects of carbon transition will continue to have material credit implications for rated entities in a number of industrial sectors globally…Full Report
  • 2 Feb 2017
    • Trans-Pacific Partnership Demise Represents Lost Opportunity for Asia
      The demise of the trade pact represents a lost opportunity for Vietnam and Malaysia in particular because they would have substantially expanded their export access to major markets. Without the impetus of TPP ratification, reforms to state-owned enterprises and government procurement in Malaysia could also lose steam…Full Report
  • 24 Jan 2017
    • President Trump inherits modest deficit and healthy US economy, but debt challenges loom
      The new president of the United States (Aaa stable) inherits a debt position that is elevated but stable, and an economy that is growing at around 2% per annum. However, without policy and legislative actions to either reduce or finance the rising burden of entitlements spending, the cost of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid will rise significantly in the coming years and increasingly weigh on the US’s fiscal strength and therefore on its overall credit profile... Full Report

Research & Ratings

  DateDocument Type Title Issuer/Entity
27 Feb 2017 Issuer Comment TransDigm Inc.: TransDigm’s bond add-on is credit negative; ratings unaffected (B1 corporate family rating) TransDigm Inc.
24 Feb 2017 Credit Opinion Allstate Corporation (The): Semi-Annual Update Allstate Corporation (The)
24 Feb 2017 Rating Action Moody's Assigns Aa2 to Bakersfield City School District, CA's 2016 Election GO Bonds, 2017 Series A Bakersfield City School District, CA
24 Feb 2017 New Issue Bakersfield City School District, CA: New Issue - Moody's Assigns Aa2 to Bakersfield City School District, CA's 2016 Election GO Bonds, 2017 Series A Bakersfield City School District, CA
24 Feb 2017 Performance Overview Semperian Senior Funding Plc Semperian Senior Funding Plc
24 Feb 2017 Performance Overview Alectra Finance p.l.c. Alectra Finance p.l.c.
24 Feb 2017 New Issue Metropolitan Water District of Southern California : New Issue: Moody's assigns Aa1/VMIG 1 rating to Metropolitan Water District of Southern California's Water Revenue Bonds Metropolitan Water District of So. California
24 Feb 2017 Performance Overview UK Rents (No.1) PLC UK Rents (No.1) PLC
24 Feb 2017 New Issue Washington County, UT: New Issue - Moody's Assigns Aa3 to Washington County Municipal Building Auth., UT's Lease Revenue Bonds 2017 Washington (County of) UT
24 Feb 2017 New Issue La Habra City School District, CA : New Issue: Moody's Assigns Aa3 to La Habra City SD's (CA) 2012 Election GO Bonds, 2017 Series C La Habra City School District, CA
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