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Sarah Carlson
Senior Vice President  
Marie Diron
Associate Managing Director
Atsi Sheth
Managing Director
Alastair Wilson
Global Managing Director  

Financial Institutions
Ana Arsov
Associate Managing Director  
Sean Jones
Associate Managing Director  
U.S. Public Finance
Gail Sussman
Managing Director
Timothy Blake
Managing Director  

Structured Finance
Navneet Agarwal
Managing Director
Jonathan Polansky
Managing Director 
Corporate Finance

Tom Marshella
Managing Director
Paloma San Valentin

Managing Director - CCO  

U.S. Infrastructure
Michael Mulvaney
Managing Director
Suzanne Wingo

VP-Sr Credit Officer  

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  • 20 Dec 2016
    • Fed rate hike reflects moderately strengthening US economy
      The US Federal Reserve’s widely anticipated rate hike reflects a moderately strengthening US economy and will, by itself, have a negligible effect on US government borrowing costs. However, a gradual tightening of interest rates will raise the government’s interest costs over the longer term, and some emerging markets could become vulnerable to volatile capital outflows... Press Release l Full Report l Impact on Financial Institutions l Impact on Structured Finance
  • 8 Dec 2016
    • One-time cash repatriation tax cut would have varied, short-term credit impact for US companies
      US President-elect Donald Trump’s proposal for a one-time tax cut on repatriated cash would temporarily boost US non-financial companies’ domestic liquidity, but the credit impact would depend on how companies use the cash. More comprehensive tax reform that improves access to offshore cash would provide companies greater flexibility to make long-term capital allocation decisions and prompt them to raise less debt capital, a credit positive scenario... Press Release l Full Report
  • 18 Nov 2016
    • Uncertainty about U.S. policy changes to weigh on growth in Mexico
      Mexico depends heavily on the U.S. as a source of investment and as a market for its exports. As companies look for clarity about the new U.S. administration's trade, immigration and tax policy agendas, investment decisions will be put on hold, leading to slower-than-expected GDP growth. In addition, rising investor concerns have precipitated a sharp depreciation of the peso and a rise in domestic interest rates that will create financial pressure in certain industries... Full Report

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