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  DateDocument Type Title Issuer/Entity
15 Nov 2021 Outlook Cyber Risk – Global: 2022 Outlook – Workplace shifts open new attack channels, while insurance costs rise and coverage narrows
11 Nov 2021 Sector In-Depth Cyber Risk - Global: Banks of all sizes and credit strengths are increasing cybersecurity investment
01 Nov 2021 Outlook Credit Conditions – Global: 2022 Outlook – Global credit environment will stabilize as COVID-19 uncertainties ebb
19 Oct 2021 Sector In-Depth Property & Casualty Insurance – Global: Proliferation of cyberattacks prompts re-evaluation of cyber insurance risk
14 Oct 2021 Sector In-Depth Higher Education - Global : Cyber defenses improve across sector but stronger at larger and US-based universities
28 Jul 2021 Sector In-Depth Technology, Media and Telecommunications – Global: Survey points to cyber strength across TMT, particularly in tech and telecom
08 Jul 2021 Sector Comment Insurance – Global: Heard from the Market: Insurance Week 2021
20 Jun 2021 Sector In-Depth Sovereigns – Global: Cyber risk survey indicates sovereigns define and rank risks differently, but preparedness is common priority
16 Jun 2021 Sector In-Depth Cyber Risk – Global: Digitization, improving attacker capabilities leave critical infrastructure vulnerable
09 Jun 2021 Sector Comment Government Policy – US: Legislation to counter China would reshape operating environment for many sectors
07 Apr 2021 Sector In-Depth Fashion Retail & Apparel – Global: Growing environmental & social scrutiny will drive long-term sector challenges
23 Mar 2021 Sector In-Depth Insurers, Insurance Brokers and Asset Managers — Global: Survey signals cybersecurity strength, with some differences across sectors, regions
10 Feb 2021 Sector In-Depth Cyber Risk – Global : Sunburst attack on public and private entities raises credit risks as extent of breach unfolds SolarWinds Holdings, Inc.
01 Feb 2021 Sector In-Depth Technology & Innovation – Japan: Digital transformation initiative will lead to varying credit impact across sectors
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26 Jan 2021 Outlook Cyber Risk – Global: 2021 Outlook – Cyber vulnerabilities in software supply chains, rising cost of ransomware will be key risks
11 Nov 2020 Issuer In-Depth Semiconductor Manufacturing Int'l Corp.: US export restrictions will not have a material effect on operations and leverage in next 12-18 months Semiconductor Manufacturing Int'l Corp.
10 Nov 2020 Outlook 2021 Outlook - Global Credit Conditions (Slides)
04 Nov 2020 Sector In-Depth Electric Utilities – Global: Cybersecurity readiness depends on scale, business model and generation ownership
26 Oct 2020 Sector Comment Financial Institutions – Cross Region: New cyberattack toolkit for banks will standardise their response and strengthen global financial system
18 Sep 2020 Issuer Comment NTT DOCOMO, INC.: Lax security at e-payment service exposed banks and DOCOMO to widespread fraud NTT DOCOMO, INC.
10 Sep 2020 Sector In-Depth Cyber Risk – Global: Reputational risks from cyberattacks are rising as episodes become more publicized
26 Jul 2020 Sector Comment Corporates – Japan: Passage of updated data privacy law reflects increased risk of data breaches
09 Jul 2020 Sector In-Depth Sovereigns – Global: Cyber interference in elections poses rising risk to sovereigns
08 Jul 2020 Sector In-Depth Financial Institutions – Cross Region: Cyber risk rises as coronavirus drives increased digital banking and remote work
02 Jul 2020 Issuer Comment Australia, Government of: High economic resilience and robust institutions mitigate Australia's heightened exposure to cyberattacks Australia, Government of
08 Jun 2020 Sector In-Depth Corporates – Global : Suppliers and vendors are becoming the weakest link in corporate cybersecurity
18 Mar 2020 Sector Comment Cyber Risk – Global : Cyber risks will rise as attackers seek to capitalize on coronavirus fears
21 Feb 2020 Sector Comment Corporates – Global: Ransomware attack against logistics company points to rising cyber event costs
22 Jan 2020 Sector In-Depth Cyber Risk – Global: Digitization and attack sophistication will pose heightened cyber risks in 2020
16 Jan 2020 Sector Comment Cyber Risk – Global: US-Iran tensions raise cyber risk; credit impact would depend on attack severity
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