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  DateDocument Type Title Issuer/Entity
26 Jan 2022 Sector In-Depth Healthcare – Global: Amid growing cyberattacks, healthcare survey shows moderate cyber strength
15 Nov 2021 Outlook Cyber Risk – Global: 2022 Outlook – Workplace shifts open new attack channels, while insurance costs rise and coverage narrows
01 Nov 2021 Outlook Credit Conditions – Global: 2022 Outlook – Global credit environment will stabilize as COVID-19 uncertainties ebb
28 Oct 2021 Sector Comment Cyber Risk – Global: New cyberattack targets technology supply chain, posing risks to affected entities
14 Oct 2021 Sector In-Depth Higher Education - Global : Cyber defenses improve across sector but stronger at larger and US-based universities
09 Aug 2021 Sector Comment State and Local Government – US: Bipartisan infrastructure bill set to strengthen cybersecurity, a credit positive
17 Jun 2021 Sector Comment Government Policy – US: US Policy Brief: Biden agenda advances through executive action; infrastructure bill talks continue; China in focus
16 Jun 2021 Sector In-Depth Cyber Risk – Global: Digitization, improving attacker capabilities leave critical infrastructure vulnerable
25 May 2021 Sector Comment Hospitals - US: Healthcare cyber risk remains elevated given increasing reliance on technology
20 May 2021 Sector In-Depth State and Local Government – US: Cybersecurity stronger among larger organizations, including states and transits
29 Mar 2021 Sector Comment Higher Education – US: FBI warning for universities underscores vulnerability to cyberattacks
10 Feb 2021 Sector In-Depth Cyber Risk – Global : Sunburst attack on public and private entities raises credit risks as extent of breach unfolds SolarWinds Holdings, Inc.
26 Jan 2021 Outlook Cyber Risk – Global: 2021 Outlook – Cyber vulnerabilities in software supply chains, rising cost of ransomware will be key risks
15 Dec 2020 Outlook Public Finance - US: 2021 Outlooks mostly negative driven by the effects of the coronavirus crisis (Slides)
08 Dec 2020 Outlook Higher Education – US: 2021 outlook negative as pandemic weakens key revenue streams
02 Dec 2020 Outlook Local Government – US: 2021 outlook negative as weak economic conditions persist
17 Nov 2020 Sector Comment Local government – New Jersey: Joint insurance funds help smaller municipalities lower cyber, social risks
10 Nov 2020 Outlook 2021 Outlook - Global Credit Conditions (Slides)
04 Nov 2020 Sector In-Depth Electric Utilities – Global: Cybersecurity readiness depends on scale, business model and generation ownership
08 Oct 2020 Sector In-Depth Public K-12 School Districts – Pennsylvania: Shift to remote learning heightens cyber risk for school districts
08 Oct 2020 Issuer In-Depth Government of United States: Potential for cyberattacks on US presidential election has risen; institutions and safeguards mitigate credit risk United States of America, Government of
16 Sep 2020 Sector In-Depth Public Finance – US: Coronavirus crisis to spur changes in workplace and consumer behavior
05 Jun 2020 Issuer Comment National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak), DC: Customer data breach reveals Amtrak's vulnerability to third party service providers National Railroad Passenger Corp.(Amtrak), DC
21 May 2020 Sector In-Depth State and local government – Pennsylvania: New voting systems improve election integrity but strain smaller counties
06 May 2020 Sector Comment Electric & Gas – US: US electric utilities will benefit from cybersecurity measures in executive order
15 Apr 2020 Sector Comment Regulated Electric and Gas Utilities – North America: Supply chains, interdependencies key to evaluating cyber risks
18 Mar 2020 Sector Comment Cyber Risk – Global : Cyber risks will rise as attackers seek to capitalize on coronavirus fears
18 Mar 2020 Sector Comment Public K-12 school districts – Louisiana: New Orleans schools' tax revenue interruption highlights cyber risks facing interconnected governments
22 Jan 2020 Sector In-Depth Cyber Risk – Global: Digitization and attack sophistication will pose heightened cyber risks in 2020
16 Jan 2020 Sector Comment Cyber Risk – Global: US-Iran tensions raise cyber risk; credit impact would depend on attack severity
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