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14 Oct 2021 Sector In-Depth Speculative-Grade Corporates — US : Refunding Risk 2022-26: Spec-grade maturities at record $1.45 trillion amid economic recovery
14 Oct 2021 Sector In-Depth Investment-Grade Corporates - US: Refunding Risk 2022-26: Maturities hit new high, with more lower-rated debt amid strong investor appetite
08 Jun 2021 Sector In-Depth Nonfinancial Corporates – US: Cash pile increases 32.3% to $2.15 trillion; Tech still dominant over other sectors
04 Mar 2021 Sector In-Depth Higher Education – US: Debt strategies provide flexibility amid pandemic; some carry longer-term risks
03 Mar 2021 Sector In-Depth State and Local Government – US: Debt-based budget relief maneuvers may defer and amplify fiscal challenges
14 Jan 2021 Sector In-Depth Banks – United States: Struggle to offset compressed interest income will spur more consolidation
15 Dec 2020 Outlook Public Finance - US: 2021 Outlooks mostly negative driven by the effects of the coronavirus crisis (Slides)
14 Dec 2020 Outlook REITs and REOCs - US: 2021 Outlook negative with retail, lodging weakness (Slides)
08 Dec 2020 Outlook Higher Education – US: 2021 outlook negative as pandemic weakens key revenue streams
02 Dec 2020 Outlook Local Government – US: 2021 outlook negative as weak economic conditions persist
19 Nov 2020 Sector In-Depth Life Insurance – US: M&A heats up as low rate environment drives change in business strategies
30 Oct 2020 Sector Comment Life Insurance – US: Webinar – effects of ultralow interest rates on life insurers
05 Oct 2020 Sector In-Depth Speculative-Grade Corporates — US : Refunding Risk 2021-25: Spec-grade maturities hit record $1.4 trillion amid COVID-19 downturn
24 Sep 2020 Sector In-Depth Public Finance – US: Low interest rates create pension and investment challenges but lower debt costs
01 Sep 2020 Sector Comment Money Market Funds – US: Vanguard will convert its prime fund, the industry's largest, to a government fund, a credit positive
01 Sep 2020 Sector Comment Interest Rates – US: Federal Reserve’s average inflation targeting underscores lower-for-longer rate view
03 Aug 2020 Sector In-Depth Money Market Funds – US: Sponsors to absorb fund fee cuts in “lower for longer” environment
03 Aug 2020 Sector In-Depth Money Market Funds – US: Most recent intervention could mark a turning point for institutional prime funds
22 Jun 2020 Sector In-Depth Sovereigns – Advanced Economies: Coronavirus will raise debt burdens; credit differentiation in capacity to reverse shock
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28 Apr 2020 Sector In-Depth Life Insurance – US: Coronavirus and market developments pressuring long-term care insurers
14 Apr 2020 Sector Comment RMBS – US: Coronavirus-tied loan forbearance will spur losses on certain credit risk transfer deals
20 Mar 2020 Sector Comment Housing finance agencies – US: Rate cut, securities purchases by Federal Reserve are credit negative
18 Mar 2020 Sector Comment Life & Health Insurance – United States of America: Fed’s rate cuts amid coronavirus will hurt life insurers’ creditworthiness if low rates persist
10 Mar 2020 Sector In-Depth CLOs – US: Driven by Fed rate cut, falling Libor will narrow excess spread but revive Libor floor benefits
13 Feb 2020 Sector In-Depth Life Insurance – US: Insurance Investments Deep Dive Wrap-up
12 Feb 2020 Sector Comment State and local government – US: Pension investment volatility risk will persist in 2020
21 Nov 2019 Outlook Life Insurance – US: 2020 outlook stable on steady economy, lower interest rates weaken performance
14 Nov 2019 Sector In-Depth Banks – United States: Q3 2019 Update: Profitability stays solid despite net interest margin erosion, which is likely to continue
08 Oct 2019 Sector In-Depth Non-Bank Mortgage Finance Companies - United States: Lower rates will curb Q3 profitability, but refinancing surge will aid in coming quarters
12 Sep 2019 Sector In-Depth Financial Institutions – US: Continued low interest rates will alter firms' behavior, encourage more risk-taking
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