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10 Nov 2020 Outlook 2021 Outlook - Global Credit Conditions (Slides)
22 Jul 2020 Sector In-Depth Credit Conditions – Europe: Post-Covid Europe: More indebted, more social, more tech-reliant
16 Apr 2020 Sector In-Depth Credit Conditions – Argentina: Economic recession deepens, with negative implications across sectors
04 Mar 2020 Sector In-Depth Sovereigns – Advanced Economies: Population ageing leading to new or wider government financing gaps may challenge debt affordability, policymaking
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13 Nov 2019 Sector In-Depth Demographics – UK: Gracefully ageing population prompts public finance risks, private sector opportunities
06 Nov 2019 Sector In-Depth Sovereigns – Europe: Income inequality in Europe is associated with weaker institutional strength
23 Oct 2019 Sector In-Depth Sovereigns – Global: Ageing-related credit pressure to rise in 2030s in advanced economies
16 Sep 2019 Sector In-Depth Sovereigns – Europe: Faltering structural reform momentum undermines long-term growth prospects in many EU countries
30 Jul 2019 Sector In-Depth Sovereigns – Europe: Downside risks to potential growth in 2020s limit upside in region's credit profiles
12 Jun 2019 Sector In-Depth Cross-Sector - Germany: Germany well placed to withstand the impact from rapid population ageing
15 May 2019 Sector In-Depth Cross-Sector - Central and Eastern Europe: Productivity gains will partially mitigate impact of population ageing in the CEE-4
18 Apr 2019 Sector In-Depth Cross-Sector – Italy: Ageing population will stretch public budgets as north-south divide continues
01 Feb 2019 Sector In-Depth Sovereigns - Latin America: Population ageing will increase pension obligations and fiscal vulnerability
07 Nov 2018 Sector In-Depth Cross Sector - Spain: Public budgets will bear the brunt of Spain’s ageing population
09 Oct 2018 Sector In-Depth Sovereigns - GCC: Labour market nationalisation aims to curb unemployment but may raise labour costs and hamper diversification
26 Jul 2018 Sector In-Depth Cross-Sector - Europe: Beyond demographics, cutting costs will be key to affordability of healthcare
09 Jul 2018 Sector In-Depth Sovereigns - Commonwealth of Independent States: Divergence in working-age population trends will shape credit profiles
27 Jun 2018 Sector In-Depth Sovereigns – Global: Environmental, social and governance risks influence sovereign ratings in multiple ways
17 May 2018 Sector In-Depth Demographics - Global: How demographics will shape labor markets and credit trends
10 Apr 2018 Sector In-Depth Cross-Sector – Japan: Aging population poses near-term and long-term credit challenges Japan, Government of
23 Feb 2018 Sector In-Depth Sovereigns – Advanced Economies : Higher female labor force participation mitigates demographic pressures
05 Feb 2018 Sector In-Depth Sovereigns – Europe: Healthcare more than pensions will be key fiscal challenge from population ageing
31 Jan 2018 Sector In-Depth Structured Finance and Sovereign - Japan, Korea and Australia: Mitigating factors will minimize risks posed by aging populations Australia, Gove...
Japan, Governme...
Korea, Governme...
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Results 1 - 23 Of 23
  Page  1 Of  1 
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