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  DateDocument Type Title Issuer/Entity
23 Feb 2021 Credit Opinion University of Toronto (Canada): Update following rating affirmation University of Toronto
11 Jan 2021 Sector In-Depth Insurers – South Korea: Aging population a key challenge despite some opportunities
15 Dec 2020 Outlook Public Finance - US: 2021 Outlooks mostly negative driven by the effects of the coronavirus crisis (Slides)
08 Dec 2020 Outlook Community Colleges – US: 2021 outlook moves to negative as enrollment declines weaken tuition revenue
02 Dec 2020 Outlook Municipal water and sewer utilities – US : 2021 outlook stable despite coronavirus challenges and economic slowdown
01 Dec 2020 Sector In-Depth Not-for-profit and public healthcare – US: Aging population and lower reimbursement drive high social risk
30 Nov 2020 Sector In-Depth Structured Finance – Japan: Growing inheritance renouncements is credit negative, especially for apartment loans
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10 Nov 2020 Outlook 2021 Outlook - Global Credit Conditions (Slides)
28 Oct 2020 Sector In-Depth Asset Managers — US: Demographic trends point to future struggle to grow assets under management
12 Oct 2020 Sector In-Depth Regional banks – Japan: Population aging and coronavirus-driven digitization can create opportunities
12 Oct 2020 Research Announcement Moody's - New products for elderly and digitization could reduce pressure on Japanese regional banks
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23 Sep 2020 Issuer In-Depth Mexico Beach, FL and Paradise, CA: Governance and social factors play key roles in municipalities’ recovery from catastrophic natural disaster Mexico Beach (C...
Paradise (Town ...
18 Sep 2020 Credit Opinion University of Toronto (Canada): Update to credit analysis University of Toronto
22 Jul 2020 Sector In-Depth Credit Conditions – Europe: Post-Covid Europe: More indebted, more social, more tech-reliant
20 May 2020 Sector In-Depth Regional & Local Governments – Russia: Economic deterioration to accelerate migration from less developed regions, exerting pressure on revenues
16 Apr 2020 Sector In-Depth Credit Conditions – Argentina: Economic recession deepens, with negative implications across sectors
04 Mar 2020 Sector In-Depth Sovereigns – Advanced Economies: Population ageing leading to new or wider government financing gaps may challenge debt affordability, policymaking
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20 Feb 2020 Sector In-Depth RMBS – US: Weaker non-QM underwriting approaches increase default risk
19 Feb 2020 Sector In-Depth Local government – Texas: Population growth boosts sales tax revenue, helping cities meet rising service costs
13 Feb 2020 Sector In-Depth Public K-12 school districts – Texas: Rising construction costs pose challenges, but credit quality remains strong
11 Feb 2020 Sector Comment Higher Education – United Kingdom: Higher growth in undergraduate applications is credit positive for UK universities
27 Jan 2020 Sector Comment Higher education - Pennsylvania: Community college agreement with online education provider is credit negative for Pennsylvania four-year universities
22 Jan 2020 Issuer Comment Palmyra-Eagle Area School District, WI: Wisconsin board denies dissolution for district, a credit negative Palmyra-Eagle Area School District, WI
21 Jan 2020 Credit Opinion Amherst Central School District, NY: Update to Credit Analysis Amherst Central School District, NY
17 Jan 2020 Research Announcement Moody's - Slow payments a key contributor to the continued growth of US student loan debt
12 Dec 2019 Issuer In-Depth Government of United States: Left unchecked, entitlement spending will drive long-term decline in US fiscal strength United States of America, Government of
13 Nov 2019 Sector In-Depth Demographics – UK: Gracefully ageing population prompts public finance risks, private sector opportunities
06 Nov 2019 Sector In-Depth Sovereigns – Europe: Income inequality in Europe is associated with weaker institutional strength
23 Oct 2019 Research Announcement Moody's - Credit implications of ageing populations in advanced economies to rise in 2030s
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23 Oct 2019 Sector In-Depth Sovereigns – Global: Ageing-related credit pressure to rise in 2030s in advanced economies
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