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  DateDocument Type Title Issuer/Entity
09 Apr 2021 Issuer Comment Chicago (City of) IL: State legislation increases city's firefighter pension liabilities, a credit negative Chicago (City of) IL
07 Apr 2021 Issuer Comment Providence (City of) RI: Rising pension contributions present a budget challenge but remain critical to accumulating assets Providence (City of) RI
03 Mar 2021 Sector In-Depth State and Local Government – US: Debt-based budget relief maneuvers may defer and amplify fiscal challenges
02 Mar 2021 Issuer Comment Illinois (State of): Adjusted net pension liability to surpass $300 billion as source of credit stress worsens Illinois (State of)
24 Feb 2021 Sector In-Depth State and Local Government – US: Investment risk high for governments with heavily negative pension cash flow
17 Dec 2020 Sector Profile Local Government – US: Pensions still driving liability growth of 50 largest governments as interest rates fall
02 Dec 2020 Sector In-Depth Higher Education – Global: Coronavirus intensifies credit risks from universities' increasing pension costs
20 Nov 2020 Issuer Comment Puerto Rico (Commonwealth of): US Supreme Court deals a blow to pension bondholders' recovery prospects Puerto Rico (Co...
Puerto Rico Emp...
20 Oct 2020 Sector In-Depth State and local government – US: Asset losses avoided in fiscal 2020, but low interest rates drive pension liability spike
01 Oct 2020 Issuer In-Depth Illinois (State of): Coronavirus crisis threatens to worsen already outsized liability burden Illinois (State of)
24 Sep 2020 Sector In-Depth Public Finance – US: Low interest rates create pension and investment challenges but lower debt costs
10 Jul 2020 Sector In-Depth State and local government – US: Tension rises between pension funding and budgets strained by coronavirus shock
09 Jul 2020 Issuer Comment Chicago (City of) IL: Legislation to move Chicago casino forward is credit positive Chicago (City of) IL
01 May 2020 Issuer Comment Dallas (City of) TX: Federal appeals court hands City of Dallas another win on pension changes Dallas (City of) TX
24 Apr 2020 Sector In-Depth State and local government – US: Low interest rates do not insulate governments from pension bond risks
24 Mar 2020 Sector Comment State and local government – US: 2020 pension investment losses poised to inflict material credit damage
20 Dec 2019 Issuer Comment Hall (County of) GA: Judgments upholding modifications to county employees' pensions plans are credit positive Hall (County of) GA
19 Dec 2019 Sector Profile Local government - US: Pensions remain the dominant liability for most of the largest local governments
19 Dec 2019 Sector In-Depth US Public Pension Landscape Series
12 Dec 2019 Issuer In-Depth Government of United States: Left unchecked, entitlement spending will drive long-term decline in US fiscal strength United States of America, Government of
11 Dec 2019 Sector In-Depth State and local government – US: Vulnerability to pension investment losses remains high despite slowing costs
30 Oct 2019 Issuer Comment East St. Louis (City of) IL: Pension costs threaten ability to provide public services as well as pay debt East St. Louis (City of) IL
15 Oct 2019 Issuer In-Depth Puerto Rico (Commonwealth of): Extent of pension bondholders' secured claim will impact other creditor recoveries Puerto Rico (Co...
Puerto Rico Emp...
05 Sep 2019 Issuer Comment Kentucky (Commonwealth of): Kentucky's highest court blocks agencies from leaving pension system via bankruptcy, a credit positive for the state Kentucky (Commonwealth of)
06 Jun 2019 Issuer Comment Kansas (State of): Retained pension funding, vetoed tax relief are credit positive Kansas (State of)
05 Jun 2019 Issuer Comment Macomb (County of) MI: Michigan Supreme Court rules that retiree healthcare promises can be altered, a credit positive Macomb (County of) MI
22 May 2019 Issuer Comment Montgomery (County of) MD: Reduction in retiree healthcare pre-funding is credit negative Montgomery (County of) MD
13 May 2019 Issuer Comment Illinois (State of): Illinois is latest state to exceed April income tax estimates, opening alternative path on pensions Illinois (State of)
11 Apr 2019 Issuer Comment Andover (Town of) MA: State appeals court rejects retiree healthcare changes, a credit negative Andover (Town of) MA
20 Feb 2019 Sector In-Depth State and local government — US: Market volatility underscores risk of high pension investment return targets
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