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22 Nov 2021 Sector Comment Macroeconomics - Emerging Markets: Inflation and deteriorating financial conditions will increase liquidity risks for weaker credits
10 Nov 2021 Outlook Emerging Markets – Global: 2022 Outlook – Multispeed recovery with stark differences across regions and sectors
01 Nov 2021 Outlook Credit Conditions – Global: 2022 Outlook – Global credit environment will stabilize as COVID-19 uncertainties ebb
27 Oct 2021 Sector In-Depth Nonfinancial Companies – Asia (ex Japan): Investment-grade companies can refinance their $921 billion 2022-26 bond maturities
27 Sep 2021 Sector In-Depth Debt after COVID – September 2021: EM bond markets continue to grow, as do vulnerabilities (Slides)
16 Sep 2021 Sector Comment Banks – France: France's enactment of stricter regulation on home loans will benefit banks' asset risks
30 Aug 2021 Sector Comment Banks – Korea: Mixed credit impact from suspension of household lending by some lenders
24 Aug 2021 Sector In-Depth Covered Bonds - Singapore: Housing affordability will stay sound as low interest rates offset rising property prices
14 Jul 2021 Sector In-Depth State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) – China: Rated SOEs' leverage will decline in 2021-22 but remain above pre-pandemic level
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05 Jul 2021 Sector Comment Banks and Covered Bonds – Finland: Finland's return to pre-pandemic housing loan cap is credit positive for banks and covered bonds
07 Jun 2021 Sector In-Depth Debt after COVID – June 2021: Focus on sovereign debt: Unequal debt realities (Slides)
29 Apr 2021 Sector In-Depth Nonfinancial companies – Asia (ex Japan and Australia): Cash pile hits record-high $1.44 trillion with debt proceeds and increased cash flow
28 Apr 2021 Sector Comment Regional banks – Japan: Troubles at real estate firm highlight risks from exposure to the sector
23 Apr 2021 Sector In-Depth Banks – France: Prolonged low interest rates will bite but earnings diversification lends support
20 Apr 2021 Sector In-Depth Credit Conditions – Europe: Increase in distressed companies poses productivity risks, a negative for all issuers
10 Mar 2021 Sector In-Depth Coronavirus – Global : COVID-19 one year on: Opportunities and hazards will drive differences in recoveries across sectors
08 Mar 2021 Sector In-Depth Banks – Canada: Low interest rates will tighten margins in weak and competitive operating conditions
08 Mar 2021 Sector In-Depth Nonfinancial companies - Asia (ex Japan): Most rated companies can address their $1.3 trillion of bond maturities through 2025 (Slides)
02 Feb 2021 Sector In-Depth Banks – Nordics: Nordic banks' dependance on market funding is offset by strong liquidity and deep covered bond markets
20 Jan 2021 Sector In-Depth Macroeconomics – Europe: COVID-19 will reinforce credit-negative risks of secular stagnation in the euro area
14 Jan 2021 Sector In-Depth Banks – United States: Struggle to offset compressed interest income will spur more consolidation
17 Dec 2020 Sector In-Depth Banking – Italy: Extended low interest rates will intensify margin erosion for Italian banks
24 Nov 2020 Sector In-Depth Banks – Korea: Low-for-longer rates to narrow profitability and quicken overseas expansion
17 Nov 2020 Issuer In-Depth MUFG, SMFG, Mizuho: H1 FY2020 update: Net profit declines despite increased revenues as credit costs increase, asset risks to the downside Mitsubishi UFJ ...
Mitsubishi UFJ ...
Mizuho Bank, Lt...
Mizuho Financia...
Mizuho Trust & ...
MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Sumitomo Mitsui...
Sumitomo Mitsui...
16 Nov 2020 Outlook Emerging Markets – Global: 2021 Outlook – Pandemic will leave lasting scars on credit quality despite tentative recovery
12 Nov 2020 Outlook Global Macro Outlook 2021-22: Nascent economic rebound takes hold globally but recovery will remain fragile
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10 Nov 2020 Outlook 2021 Outlook - Global Credit Conditions (Slides)
09 Nov 2020 Outlook Credit Conditions – Global : 2021 Outlook – Slow economic recovery and uneven pandemic effects will shape credit environment
 The document has been translated in other languages

03 Nov 2020 Sector In-Depth Banks – Thailand: Prolonged low rates, combined with weak loan growth, will hurt profitability
27 Oct 2020 Sector In-Depth Banks – Norway: Norwegian banks' profitability will remain robust despite low for longer rates
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