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31 May 2018 Sector In-Depth Non-financial corporates — Italy: Bond issuance to slow in next 12-18 months after record 2017
23 May 2018 Sector In-Depth Covered bonds - Europe: Structural protections can mitigate credit risks in SME loan ESN
23 Jan 2018 Sector In-Depth ABS SME - Spain : Recoveries rely on cash proceedings rather than sales from repossessed properties
25 Sep 2017 Sector In-Depth Securitisation - Europe: Securitisation is a relevant source of funding for the European economy
21 Sep 2017 Sector In-Depth SME ABS - Spain: Development of the receivables securitization market is credit positive for SME ABS
13 Jul 2017 Sector In-Depth ABS SME - Italy and Spain: Increasing prepayment rates will support deleveraging, a credit positive
12 Jul 2017 Sector In-Depth ABS SME - Italy: Lease rather than loan transactions benefit from lower default and delinquency rates
23 Jun 2017 Sector In-Depth RMBS - EMEA: Key features create stronger non-performing and re-performing loan transactions, regardless of sponsor type
21 Jun 2017 Sector In-Depth SME Securitisations - Europe: Disintermediation helps to diversify funding for SMEs and mid-cap corporates
25 May 2017 Sector In-Depth Spain - Cross-Sector: Housing Market Improvement Benefits Banks' Asset Quality and Structured Deal Performance
19 May 2017 Sector In-Depth Structured Finance - Italy: Securitisation is a Relevant Source of Funding for the Italian Economy
27 Apr 2017 Sector In-Depth Cross-Sector – Germany: RMBS, Covered Bonds and CMBS Benefit from Real Estate Price Increases to Varying Degrees
21 Mar 2017 Sector In-Depth ABS SME - Russia: First ABS SME Securitisation Highlights Structural Features that Reduce Risk
28 Feb 2017 Sector In-Depth SME ABS - Italy : Renewable Energy Leases Pose Unique Risks to SME ABS
22 Feb 2017 Sector In-Depth Marketplace Lending ABS - Europe: Inaugural SME and Consumer Loan Deals Share Many Asset and Structural Characteristics
13 Dec 2016 Sector In-Depth ABS SME - Europe: Euro Appreciation Against the Pound Is Slightly Credit Negative for European SMEs
18 Oct 2016 Special Comment European SME and MC Newsletter - October 2016
13 Oct 2016 Sector In-Depth German Corporate Schuldschein Market: Corporate Schuldschein Volumes Reach Record Levels Despite Limited Transparency and Lean Documentation Standards
12 Sep 2016 Sector In-Depth Marketplace Lending ABS - US: Key Risks in US Small Business Marketplace Lending Securitizations
01 Sep 2016 Sector In-Depth Non-financial corporates - Europe: Bond Market To Benefit From ECB's Bond Purchase Programme, Albeit Marginally And With Some Risks
13 Jul 2016 Special Comment European SME and MC Newsletter - July 2016
18 May 2016 Sector In-Depth Financial Institutions - Global: Fintech Transforms Competitive Landscape, but Unlikely to Displace Banks' Central Role
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05 May 2016 Sector In-Depth Banks - Spain:
27 Apr 2016 Sector In-Depth Cross Sector – US: US Middle Market Lending Mix to Include Relatively More CLOs If Upcoming Maturity Wave Coincides With a Credit Downturn
15 Apr 2016 Special Comment First European Marketplace Lending Deal Mitigates Some of the Risks Unique to the Business Model of the Lending Platform
14 Apr 2016 Special Comment European SME and MC Newsletter - April 2016
31 Mar 2016 Sector In-Depth CLOs – Europe: CLO 2.0 Template Continued to Evolve in 2015
09 Feb 2016 Sector In-Depth Non-Financial Corporates - Europe: Euro-Area Periphery High-Yield Issuance To Stay Low after Sharp Drop in 2015
08 Jan 2016 Special Comment European SME and MC Newsletter - January 2016
10 Dec 2015 Special Comment Banks - Spain : Stronger SME Lending to Boost Profits Risks Lax Underwriting Standards
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