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26 Jul 2018 Sector Comment Covered bonds - Europe: EBA’s minimum standards for European secured notes backed by SME loans are credit positive
03 Jul 2018 Sector Comment Covered bonds - Europe : EBA's proposal for minimum standards is credit positive for ESN backed by SME loans
11 Apr 2018 Sector Comment ABS - Spain and Portugal: Further debt reduction is credit positive for electricity deficit tariff backed deals
30 Jan 2018 Sector Comment ABS and CLOs - Japan: Improving business environment is credit positive for Japanese SME deals
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06 Nov 2017 Sector Comment Structured finance - Spain: Catalan independence would be credit negative for structured finance transactions
30 May 2017 Sector Comment SME Securitizations - Europe: Disintermediation Helps to Diversify Funding for SMEs and Mid-Cap Corporates
11 May 2017 Sector Comment RMBS and SME ABS - Italy: Real Estate Market Improvements Are Credit Positive for Securitizations with Real Estate Exposure
26 Apr 2017 Sector Comment ABS SME - Spain: Performance Remain Stable, Regardless of Seasoned Portfolios With Rising Obligor Concentration Levels
02 Mar 2017 Sector Comment ABS SME - Spain: Continuation of VAT tax deferments for self-employed is credit positive for ABS SME deals
16 Nov 2016 Sector Comment SME and RMBS - Spain: Transactions Performance Will Not Significantly Improve in 2017, amid Uncertain Economic Outlook
06 Oct 2016 Sector Comment ABS SME and RMBS - Italy: Repurchases of Bad Loans by New Bridge Banks Are Credit Positive for Some Transactions
01 Aug 2016 Sector Comment Spain's SME ABS Will Benefit from Funding Option with Crowdfunding Platforms
05 Jul 2016 Sector Comment SME ABS - Italy: Sector Remains Stable Amid Weaker Rated Originators and Lower Asset Quality
17 Jun 2016 Sector Comment SME ABS - Italy: Legislation Will Speed Up NPL Recoveries and Reduce Their Variability
05 May 2016 Sector Comment Italy's New Framework on Nonperforming Loan Foreclosures Is Credit Positive for Banks and SME Securitisations
27 Apr 2016 Sector Comment ABS SME - EMEA: Differences in Net Growth of Enterprises Indicate Divergence of SME Performance Across Europe
07 Apr 2016 Sector Comment French Regulator's Proposal to Allow Funds to Grant Loans Is Credit Positive for Asset Managers
10 Mar 2016 Sector Comment Managed Investments - Argentina: SME Funds Will Remain in Demand Despite Reduced Investment Mandates
10 Mar 2016 Sector Comment Structured Finance - ITALY: Stamp Duty Tax Exemption Will Help Credit Performance of Italian RMBS, Covered Bonds and Secured ABS SME Transactions
23 Feb 2016 Sector Comment SME CLO & Lease ABS - Japan: Declining Debt and Improving Financing Environment Credit Positive for SME Deals
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22 Feb 2016 Sector Comment SME Balance Sheet Securitizations - Belgium: Belgian SME Loan Securitisations Are Among the Strongest in Europe
25 Jan 2016 Sector Comment Argentina's About Face on Foreign-Currency Assets and Infrastructure Investments Is Credit Positive for Insurers
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18 Jan 2016 Sector Comment Egypt's Higher SME Lending Quota Supports Economy but Jeopardizes Banks' Asset Quality Banque Misr SAE
Commercial Inte...
National Bank o...
11 Jan 2016 Sector Comment Argentina Eases Banks' Mandated Lending Requirements, a Credit Positive
11 Dec 2015 Sector Comment RMBS and SME ABS - Italy: Resolution of Four Banks Under Bank of Italy Administration Is Credit Positive for RMBS and SME Deals
10 Dec 2015 Sector Insights Banking - Slovakia: Increased SME Lending Will Bring Diversification Benefits to Slovak Banks
10 Dec 2015 Sector Comment ABS SME - Europe: Growing Number of SMEs Reflects Spain's Improved Business Environment
03 Nov 2015 Sector Comment Consumer ABS, RMBS and SME - Germany: German Deposit Guarantee Protects Collateral Pools in German Consumer ABS, RMBS and SME Deals
02 Oct 2015 Sector Comment Mutual Funds - Argentina: New Asset Allocation Requirements are Credit Negative for Funds, but Positive for Reciprocal Guarantors
01 Oct 2015 Sector Comment ABS - Italy: Still-Weak Economy Will Weigh on Italian SME Deals, Rather Than Originator Placement Under Supervision Adriatico Finan...
Giovecca Mortga...
Maestrale 3 S.r...
Marche M5 S.r.l...
Medioleasing Fi...
Zephyros Financ...
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