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31 May 2018 Sector In-Depth Non-financial corporates — Italy: Bond issuance to slow in next 12-18 months after record 2017
25 Jan 2018 Compilation SME & Mid-Cap Focus: January 2018
12 Jul 2017 Sector In-Depth ABS SME - Italy: Lease rather than loan transactions benefit from lower default and delinquency rates
11 May 2017 Sector Comment RMBS and SME ABS - Italy: Real Estate Market Improvements Are Credit Positive for Securitizations with Real Estate Exposure
28 Feb 2017 Sector In-Depth SME ABS - Italy : Renewable Energy Leases Pose Unique Risks to SME ABS
18 Oct 2016 Special Comment European SME and MC Newsletter - October 2016
06 Oct 2016 Sector Comment ABS SME and RMBS - Italy: Repurchases of Bad Loans by New Bridge Banks Are Credit Positive for Some Transactions
13 Jul 2016 Special Comment European SME and MC Newsletter - July 2016
05 Jul 2016 Sector Comment SME ABS - Italy: Sector Remains Stable Amid Weaker Rated Originators and Lower Asset Quality
17 Jun 2016 Sector Comment SME ABS - Italy: Legislation Will Speed Up NPL Recoveries and Reduce Their Variability
05 May 2016 Sector Comment Italy's New Framework on Nonperforming Loan Foreclosures Is Credit Positive for Banks and SME Securitisations
14 Apr 2016 Special Comment European SME and MC Newsletter - April 2016
10 Mar 2016 Sector Comment Structured Finance - ITALY: Stamp Duty Tax Exemption Will Help Credit Performance of Italian RMBS, Covered Bonds and Secured ABS SME Transactions
09 Feb 2016 Sector In-Depth Non-Financial Corporates - Europe: Euro-Area Periphery High-Yield Issuance To Stay Low after Sharp Drop in 2015
11 Dec 2015 Sector Comment RMBS and SME ABS - Italy: Resolution of Four Banks Under Bank of Italy Administration Is Credit Positive for RMBS and SME Deals
06 Oct 2015 Special Comment European SME and MC Newsletter - October 2015
01 Oct 2015 Sector Comment ABS - Italy: Still-Weak Economy Will Weigh on Italian SME Deals, Rather Than Originator Placement Under Supervision Adriatico Finan...
Giovecca Mortga...
Maestrale 3 S.r...
Marche M5 S.r.l...
Medioleasing Fi...
Zephyros Financ...
15 Jul 2015 Sector Comment SME ABS - Italy: Non-Performing Italian SME Loans Will Fall in 2016, Lowering Average Default Assumptions for SME ABS Deals
02 Jul 2015 Sector Comment New Italian Law Would Improve Recoveries, a Credit Positive for RMBS and SME ABS
30 Jun 2015 Special Comment Italian Non-Financial Corporates: Repeat Issuers Should Drive Continued Robust Bond Issuance In Next 12-18 Months
11 Jun 2015 Sector Comment Italian Structured Finance: Renewed Payment Holiday Schemes Benefit Italian ABS SME, ABS Retail and RMBS Securitisations
24 Mar 2015 Special Comment EMEA Non-Financial Corporates: New High-Yield Issuance From Euro-Area Periphery Unlikely to Reach Record Again This Year
04 Mar 2015 Sector Comment Italian RMBS and ABS: Banca Etruria’s Special Administration Will not Affect Outstanding RMBS and SME Transactions
18 Feb 2015 Sector Comment Policy Measures Supporting Traditional Bank Lending Will Have Larger Credit Positive Impact on European SMEs than Those Favoring Disintermediated Financing
17 Oct 2014 Sector Comment New government initiatives to support the Italian economy are credit positive for Italian securitizations
14 Oct 2014 Special Comment European SME Asset-Backed Securities : A Guide
17 Jul 2014 Special Comment High Levels of Repurchased Loans in Italian Lease and SME ABS Transactions Suggest Actual Default Levels Are Higher than Reported, a Credit Negative
26 Jun 2014 Special Comment Italian Corporate Bond Market: Improving Macroeconomic Conditions, Low Interest Rates and Ongoing Bank Disintermediation Will Fuel Issuance for Next 12-18 Months
14 Nov 2013 Sector Comment Spanish and Italian SME ABS Transactions Vulnerable to Tight Credit Supply on High Refinancing Needs over the Next Five Years
30 Jul 2013 Sector Comment Italian and Spanish SME ABS Markets Share Many Similarities, but Show Some Key Differences
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