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12 Jun 2018 Sector Comment Non-Financial Corporates - US: Tax overhaul seen as positive by respondents to Moody’s survey
21 May 2018 Excel Data Supplement High-Yield Interest European Edition - May 2018 - Excel data
30 Apr 2018 Sector In-Depth Technology - US: With tax reform, companies increase capital returns without increasing debt
30 Apr 2018 Sector In-Depth Cross-Sector - US Corporates: New tax law poses credit challenges and opportunities for multinational companies
20 Apr 2018 Sector In-Depth P&C Insurance - US: Companies weather 2017 storms; new tax law brightens 2018 outlook
17 Apr 2018 Issuer Comment Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (The): Q1 2018 results: Favorable market environment boosted net revenues in all business segments Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (The)
16 Apr 2018 Issuer Comment Bank of America Corporation: Q1 2018 results: Positive operating leverage and a lower tax rate boosted profitability Bank of America Corporation
11 Apr 2018 Sector In-Depth Local government - Connecticut, New York, New Jersey: Federal tax law to squeeze local governments in tri-state region
03 Apr 2018 Sector In-Depth Oil & Gas - US: Tax law will prompt spending, deter high leverage in capital-intensive sector
22 Mar 2018 Sector Comment Cross-Sector: FERC announcements are credit negative for natural gas pipelines, MLPs
19 Mar 2018 Sector In-Depth Non-Financial Corporates - US: Debt and Taxes: What investors should know as issuers report tax law changes
13 Mar 2018 Sector In-Depth Banks, RMBS and Consumer ABS - US: Tax law credit neutral for residential mortgage loans, supports consumer credit
05 Mar 2018 Sector In-Depth P&C Insurance and Reinsurance - US: FAQ: Impact of the new US tax law
05 Mar 2018 Sector In-Depth Life Insurance – US: New tax law – lower capital ratios are credit negative, but sector is well capitalized
01 Mar 2018 Sector In-Depth Telecommunications - US: Tax overhaul widens safety margins for AT&T, Verizon, spec-grade telecoms mainly unaffected
01 Mar 2018 Sector In-Depth Asset Managers - US: Beneficial tax law provides a strategic opportunity, will drive product demand
28 Feb 2018 Sector In-Depth Sovereigns – Global: US tax reform will have marginal impact on exposed low-tax sovereigns globally Bahamas, Govern...
Barbados, Gover...
Bermuda, Govern...
Cayman Islands,...
Ireland, Govern...
Luxembourg, Gov...
Netherlands, Go...
Singapore, Gove...
Switzerland, Go...
United States o...
21 Feb 2018 Sector Comment State government - US: Federal tax overhaul to boost states’ income tax receipts
16 Feb 2018 Sector In-Depth For-Profit Hospitals - US: Tax overhaul will boost cash flow for many for-profit hospitals
07 Feb 2018 Sector In-Depth Automotive parts suppliers - US: Key provisions of tax overhaul to be credit positive for most suppliers
07 Feb 2018 Sector In-Depth Soft Beverages - US: Tax overhaul is positive for cash-rich beverage companies – if they spend wisely
01 Feb 2018 Sector In-Depth Corporates: Debt and Taxes: As many plan for tax-cut, financial policy gains focus
31 Jan 2018 Sector In-Depth Cross-Sector — China: New US tax law has few credit implications for Chinese sovereign and companies
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24 Jan 2018 Sector In-Depth Cross-Sector - US: FAQ on the credit impact of new tax law United States of America, Government of
24 Jan 2018 Sector Comment Regulated Utilities - US : Tax reform is credit negative for sector, but impact varies by company
24 Jan 2018 Sector Comment State housing finance agencies - US: Tax law to impede affordable housing financings and hinder loan production
11 Jan 2018 Outlook Update: Homebuilding - North America: Positive outlook remains, despite blow from tax law changes
10 Jan 2018 Sector In-Depth US tax law: Credit implications vary by sector United States of America, Government of
09 Jan 2018 Sector In-Depth Pharmaceuticals - US: US tax reform will spur cash depletion, mainly for M&A and shareholder payouts
21 Dec 2017 Sector In-Depth Tax Reform – US: Corporate tax cut is credit positive, while effects of other provisions vary by sector United States of America, Government of
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