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Moody’s Talks – Structured Finance Podcast
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December 2nd 2019 (6.09mins)
In this episode of Moody’s Talks – Structured Finance, Cecilia Chen and Kan Leung from the structured finance team discuss the outlook for China’s structured finance sector in 2020.
11/4/2019 10:00 AM
Jane Soldera and Greg Davies from the Structured Finance team discuss the EU's ambitious decarbonisation target for buildings, which poses low risk for real estate transactions. Additionally, they highlight the potential upside with the lower reliance on fossil fuels set to spur the issuance of green bonds.
October 28, 2019 (7.39mins)
Aaron Johnson and Sam Spackman from the Structured Finance team discuss the recent push to curb net short debt activism in the high yield market, and its potential impact on collateralized loan obligations.
October 7th 2019 (6.04mins)
Ifigenia Palimeri and Barbara Rismondo from the Structured Finance Group discuss how more recent EMEA RMBS transactions compare to those issued before the global financial crisis. ​​
October 3, 2019 (5.33mins)
David Burger and Shan Lai of the Structured Finance group discuss the differences between SME and BSL CLOs and how SME CLO structural features compensate for weaker SME loan collateral.
September 19, 2019 (6.31mins)
Greg Ingaglio and Robb Paltz from the US CMBS New issuance team discuss Canadian retail real estate and how it compares to the US.
JULY 2019
July 1st 2019 (4.43mins)
In this edition of Moody’s Talks… Structured Finance, Xhensila Pisha, analyst, and Peter McNally, vice president and senior analyst, discuss how falling interest rates this year will support the performance of new real estate and consumer securitizations. They talk about the major asset classes that benefit or won’t benefit from lower rates, and their mixed effects on CLOs..
JUNE 2019
June 20th 2019 (6.07mins)
In this edition of Moody’s Talks, Nick Monzillo, Associate Analyst, and Robin Liu, AVP – Analyst, provide an introduction and overview of the auto floorplan ABS sector. The discussion focuses on the characteristics of floorplan loans, typical structural features and important risk factors.
Display: 1 - 8 Of 36
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