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  • 13 Mar 2023
    • Outlook for US unregulated electric utilities and power sector moves to stable from positive
      We are changing our outlook for US unregulated utilities and power generation companies to stable from positive. The change in our outlook for the sector is based on our expectations that lower-than-expected natural gas prices caused by an unusually mild winter and high natural gas inventories in much of the country will ultimately result in lower power prices.   Full Report​​​​​​​​​
  • 9 Mar 2023
    • Regulatory risk related to service affordability eases for US regulated utilities as natural gas prices decline
      The recent substantial decline in natural gas prices – and the subsequent reduction in the fuel charge pass-through on monthly customer bills – are credit positive for US regulated electric and gas utilities because they should ease affordability concerns among regulators and political leaders after high gas prices and inflationary pressures had heightened the utility sector's exposure to social risk during the past year.   Full Report
  • 3 Mar 2023
    • Drop in capacity prices across most of PJM is credit negative for merchant generators
      On 27 February, PJM Interconnection LLC announced lower capacity auction prices across most of its geographic footprint for the 2024-25 planning year. The weak auction results are credit negative for merchant power generators because they will reduce high-certainty cash flow and because lower capacity prices coupled with recent energy margin compression could erode profitability.   Full Report​​​​
Press release coverage on rating actions that Moody's has taken on issuers.
Our rating methodologies describe the analytical framework rating committees use to assign ratings.  As set forth in the methodologies, they are not intended to present an exhaustive treatment of all factors reflected in our ratings.  Rather, they describe the key qualitative and quantitative considerations that are usually most important for assessing credit risk in a given sector.  Each rating committee applies its own judgment in determining whether or how to emphasize rating factors.

Although most of our methodologies apply to a particular industry, sector or class of issuers or transactions, some describe our approach to analytical considerations that aren’t specific to any single sector.  These cross-sector methodologies cover general credit-related topics and are typically used in conjunction with sector-specific methodologies to assign ratings.

The Methodology Development Group (MDG) develops and the Methodology Review Group (MRG) reviews and approves our methodologies for all rating groups, including sovereign, financial institutions, structured finance, corporate finance, and public, project and infrastructure finance.​​
Analysis on credit risk, ratings, and current events via Industry Outlooks, Special Reports, and other research types. ​
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