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Financial Institutions

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Credit ratings and analysis on banks and securities firms, insurance, real estate and non-bank finance companies.


  • 18 May 2016
    • Fintech transforms competitive landscape but is unlikely to displace banks' central role
      Financial technology firms (fintechs) have had a head start in meeting demand for more personalized, easy-to-access digital financial services. However, we expect banks to retain a place at the center of the financial services industry, working both alongside and in competition with fintechs. The challenge will be one of leveraging new technologies and innovation to better meet customer needs, and banks retain several inherent competitive advantages as they respond…Full Report
  • 16 May 2016
    • Ruling Against ACA Subsidies Is Credit Negative for US Health Insurers
      A US District Court ruled that the Obama administration has been improperly funding the reimbursements made to health insurers to cover discounts for very-low-income consumers under the Affordable Care Act. The ruling raises the possibility of ending these reimbursement to insurers, a credit negative. Although we expect the Obama administration to immediately appeal the decision, the ruling adds to legal challenges, new regulations and the federal government's unwillingness to address inherent problems in the law, which harms the credit quality of insurers that continue to offer policies on the public exchanges…Full Report
  • 5 May 2016
    • Impending Brexit vote increases UK banks’ funding costs and creates uncertainty for cross-jurisdictional banks
      Uncertainty before the 23 June Brexit referendum has contributed to an increase in UK banks' wholesale funding costs, and is likely to squeeze margins and reduce business volumes. In the event of a Brexit, cross-jurisdictional banks will likely face more enduring challenges to their operating models, but these are unlikely to fundamentally weaken these banks’ credit quality... Full Report
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