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The Managed Investments Group is responsible for Moody's ratings of asset managers, money market funds, fixed-income funds (bond funds and exchange-traded funds), preferred shares and debt issued by closed-end funds, and other alternative investments.


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  日付ドキュメント・タイプ タイトル 発行体
21 Nov 2017 アナウンスメント Moody's: Opening of China's onshore and offshore bond markets propels cross-market activities
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Agile Group Hol...
Agricultural Ba...
Agricultural De...
Alibaba Group H...
Anhui Conch Cem...
Anhui Transport...
Anton Oilfield ...
AVIC Internatio...
Baidu Inc.
Bank of China L...
17 Nov 2017 イシュア・コメント Bahia Asset Management: Manager Quality Analysis Bahia AM Renda ...
Bahia AM Renda ...
16 Nov 2017 アナウンスメント Moody's: Nuveen California Quality Municipal Income Fund long-term rating unaffected by special rate period announcement Nuveen California Quality Municipal Income Fund
16 Nov 2017 イシュア・コメント Icatu Vanguarda Gestao de Recursos Ltda: Manager Quality Analysis Icatu Vanguarda Gestao de Recursos Ltda
16 Nov 2017 セクターコメント Managed Investments: Brazilian Q3 2017 investment inflows recover after weak Q2
15 Nov 2017 Sector In-Depth Insurance and Asset Management – US: Mixed credit implications from Treasury’s regulatory recommendations
14 Nov 2017 イシュア・コメント Western Asset Management DTVM Ltda: Manager Quality Analysis
 The document has been translated in other languages

Western Asset Management DTVM Ltda
14 Nov 2017 スペシャルコメント Disclosure Forms Correction Report
14 Nov 2017 イシュア・コメント Squadra Investimentos - Gestao de Recursos: Manager Quality Analysis Squadra Investimentos - Gestao de Recursos
14 Nov 2017 Sector In-Depth Asset Management – Global: The second wave of disruption will be digital
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