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Soberanos y Supranacionales - Mercados Emergentes

Research on sovereign nations, sovereign-related agencies, and supranational institutions.


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  FechaTipo de Reporte Título Emisor/Entidad
23 Nov 2022 Sector In-Depth Debt Levels – Latin America : Higher sovereign debt will constrain support to growth; corporate debt will trend lower
14 Nov 2022 Outlook Sovereigns – Global: 2023 credit outlook is negative as high prices, slow growth intensify social risks
04 Oct 2022 Issuer Comment Government of Bulgaria: Risk of continued political deadlock post-elections is credit negative Bulgaria, Government of
13 Jun 2022 Issuer In-Depth Government of Pakistan: FAQ on external vulnerability risks and the impact of political turbulence on policy Pakistan, Government of
12 Apr 2022 Issuer Comment Government of Lebanon: IMF staff-level agreement with Lebanon underscores urgency of reform to access external support Lebanon, Government of
09 Mar 2022 Issuer Comment Government of Egypt: Global capital market disruptions will raise liquidity and external risks if sustained Egypt, Government of
25 Feb 2022 Sector Comment Sovereign Debt Restructurings: Key Facts from History (Presentation)
03 Feb 2022 Sector In-Depth Government Policy – India: Pro-growth budget credit positive for many issuers, but highlights fiscal challenges
31 Jan 2022 Issuer Comment Government of Argentina: Potential new IMF agreement will unlikely avoid new debt restructuring on private-sector debt Argentina, Government of
07 Dec 2021 Issuer In-Depth Government of China: Policies have reduced leverage of most-indebted SOEs but additional progress will be more difficult
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China, Government of
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