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North America
William Black
Managing Director - Structured Finance

Debashish Chatterjee
Associate Managing Director - Structured Finance

Alex Cataldo
Senior Vice President
EMEA Origination

Carole Gintz
VP-Sr Credit Officer
EMEA Surveillance

Asia - Pacific
Yusuke Seki
Senior Vice President


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  • 5 May 2016
    • China's new guidance on used-vehicle sales will show mixed impact on auto loan ABS recovery rates and boost used-car market
      The new guidance will reduce recovery rates on auto loans in cities and provinces where there will be a net inflow of vehicles, a credit negative for auto ABS that include auto loans from affected regions. However, cities and provinces excluded from the new guidance will likely become net suppliers of used vehicles. As a result, prices in those markets may rise and push up recovery rates, a credit positive…Press Release l Full Report
  • 25 Apr 2016
    • Inside Japan: Only some ABS and RMBS deals affected by Japan’s negative interest rate policy
      The Bank of Japan's negative interest rate policy will adversely impact some Japanese asset-backed securities (ABS) and residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) by reducing the amount of excess spread in the deals. However, for the vast majority of these deals, there will be little or no impact because most of our rated ABS and about half of our rated RMBS deals have fixed interest rates applied to their asset pools with no hedging arrangements... Press Release l Full Report
  • 12 Apr 2016
    • Effects of oil price slump ripple through securitization markets
      The negative effects of low oil prices are emerging in pockets of the US structured finance market, weakening collateral performance or eroding the credit quality of transactions. Lower oil and gas prices are, however, at the same time positively affecting other areas of the market, as a much broader set of consumer and corporate obligors benefit from lower energy costs... Full Report l Press Release
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  DateDocument Type Title Issuer/Entity
24 May 2016 Sector In-Depth Auto Loan ABS - US: ABS Credit Performance Diverges among Japanese Captive Finance Companies
24 May 2016 Rating Action Moody's upgrades the ratings of two mezzanine notes of two auto ABS deals E-Carat 4 plc
Turbo Finance 4...
24 May 2016 Rating Action Moody's assigns definitive rating to notes issued by FCT LAFFITTE 2016, a securitization of French consumer loans FCT LAFFITTE 2016
24 May 2016 Rating Action Moody's downgrades notes issued by Legacy Benefits Life Insurance Settlements 2004-1 LLC Legacy Benefits Life Insurance Settlement 2004-1 LLC
24 May 2016 Rating Action Moody's upgrades rating in POSILLIPO FINANCE S.R.L, an Italian Healthcare ABS transaction POSILLIPO FINANCE S.R.L.
23 May 2016 Sector Comment Student Loan ABS – US: Lower Federal Direct Loan Rates Are Credit Positive for Some Private Loan ABS
23 May 2016 Excel Data Supplement US Card Charge-offs and Delinquencies Lower in April - Excel Data Supplement
23 May 2016 Rating Action Moody's Assigns Definitive Baa2(sf) Rating to Tap Issue of Series 21 Notes Issued by Fondo de Titulizacion del Deficit del Sistema Electrico, FTA Fondo de Titulizacion del deficit del sistema electrico, FTA
23 May 2016 New Issue Report Small Business Origination Loan Trust 2016-1 DAC Small Business Origination Loan Trust 2016-1 DAC
23 May 2016 Rating Action Moody's upgrades tranches in four RMBS and ABS transactions originated by DSB Bank N.V. Chapel 2003-I B...
Chapel 2007 B.V...
Monastery 2004-...
Monastery 2006-...
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