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Albert Metz
Managing Director - Global Methodology Development

Nicolas Weill
Managing Director – Global Methodology Review

Fabian Astic
Managing Director - Rating Model Group

Praveen Varma
Director of Research​​l



Rating Methodologies

Moody’s Methodology Development Group (MDG) and Methodology Review Group (MRG) together produce and maintain Moody’s ratings methodologies for all sectors including corporate, financial institutions, structured finance, sovereign and sub-sovereign, infrastructure, and public finance including non-profits.


  • 29 Jun 2016
    • Methodology: Construction Risk in Privately-Financed Public Infrastructure (PFI/PPP/P3) Projects
      This rating methodology explains our approach to assessing credit risk for privately-financed public infrastructure (PFI/PPP/P3) projects in construction globally. It only applies to PFI/PPP/P3 projects in construction where the sponsoring government will pay for the infrastructure asset either upon certain construction milestones being reached and/or through availability payments covering operating and maintenance costs, debt service and equity returns with such payment only being subject to availability and performance risk. Full Report
    • Methodology: Trading Companies
      This rating methodology explains Moody’s approach to assessing credit risk for trading companies globally. Moody’s defines trading companies as companies whose primary business involves trading commodities and/or goods. Commodity trading companies typically have substantial physical inventories of commodities, logistics assets and varying degrees of vertical integration and investments in manufacturing or processing operations. General trading companies share some characteristics with commodity trading companies but tend to have more diversified global investments at many different points in various global production and supply chains. Full Report
  • 23 Jun 2016
    • Methodology: Global Automotive Supplier Industry
      This rating methodology explains Moody’s approach to assessing credit risk for companies in the global automotive supplier industry. This report includes a detailed rating grid, which provides a reference tool that can be used to approximate credit profiles within the automotive supplier sector in most cases. The grid provides summarized guidance for the factors that are generally most important in assigning ratings to companies in the automotive supplier industry. Full Report
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  DateDocument Type Title Issuer/Entity
23 Jun 2017 Rating Methodology Regulated Electric and Gas Utilities
22 Jun 2017 Rating Methodology - Index Outdated Credit Rating Methodologies
22 Jun 2017 Rating Methodology - Index Index of Rating Methodologies
21 Jun 2017 Rating Methodology Pharmaceutical Industry
21 Jun 2017 Rating Methodology Automobile Manufacturer Industry
21 Jun 2017 Rating Methodology Global Mass Transit Enterprises Methodology
19 Jun 2017 Rating Methodology - Index Index of Spanish Methodologies
15 Jun 2017 Rating Methodology Media Industry
14 Jun 2017 Rating Methodology Global Passenger Railway Companies
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14 Jun 2017 Rating Methodology Medical Product and Device Industry
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