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Our rating methodologies describe the analytical framework rating committees use to assign ratings. As set forth in the methodologies, our methodologies are not intended to present an exhaustive treatment of all factors reflected in our ratings. Rather, they describe the key qualitative and quantitative considerations that are usually most important for assessing credit risk in a given sector. Each rating committee applies its own judgment in determining whether or how to emphasize rating factors it considers to be of particular significance.

Although most of our methodologies apply to a particular industry, sector or class of issuers or transactions, some describe our approach to analytical considerations that aren’t specific to any single sector. Typically these cross-sector methodologies cover general credit-related topics and can be used in conjunction with sector-specific methodologies to assign ratings.

The Methodology Development Group (MDG) develops and the Methodology Review Group (MRG) reviews and approves our methodologies for all rating groups, including sovereign, financial institutions, structured finance, corporate finance, and public, project and infrastructure finance.


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06 Dec 2017 Rating Methodology - Index List of Outdated Rating Methodologies
06 Dec 2017 Rating Methodology - Index List of Rating Methodologies
05 Dec 2017 评级方法 Apparel Companies
04 Dec 2017 Rating Methodology - Index List of Spanish Methodologies
28 Nov 2017 评级方法 US Public Power Electric Utilities With Generation Ownership Exposure
01 Nov 2017 评级方法 Not-For-Profit Healthcare
30 Oct 2017 评级方法 Privately Managed Toll Roads
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30 Oct 2017 评级方法 Public Port Revenue Bonds
27 Oct 2017 Rating Methodology-Cross Sectr 根据债务类型和受偿优先顺序的差异对企业债项评级进行子级调整
 The document has been translated in other languages

20 Oct 2017 评级方法 US Stand-Alone Housing Bond Programs Secured by Credit Enhanced Mortgages
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