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Asia Pacific

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  • 12 Jan 2017
    • Defaults for assets in Japan's securitization market will stay low in 2017
      Default rates for auto loans, installment sales receivables and credit card receivables backing Japanese ABS, as well as for the Japanese RMBS market should remain at around their current low levels during the next 12 months. The situation will be supported by favorable macro-economic conditions in Japan, including strong job market conditions, moderate economic growth, and the strong credit quality of underlying loans…Press Release l Full Report
  • 20 Dec 2016
    • Downgrades of Asian investment-grade companies to high-yield would raise refinancing risk for low-rated companies
      Twelve companies in Asia (ex-Japan) are rated Baa3 with a negative outlook. If these companies were downgraded, the maturity wall for rated high-yield bonds would increase by $2.7 billion between 2017 and 2019. This increase could crowd out or increase refinancing costs for companies with bonds rated B2 or lower given the limited depth of the rated high-yield market in Asia. Press Release l Full Report
  • 3 Nov 2016
    • Latest edition of Inside China looks at policy support and deleveraging measures in the country
      Moody’s Inside China newsletter says that recent policy developments in China indicate that the authorities will rely on multi-pronged policies to support GDP growth in the near term, while effective implementation of the deleveraging guidelines will likely be gradual. Without continued reforms to maintain productivity and address high leverage, China’s economy could slow over time and become exposed to financial risks... Full Report l Press Release
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  DateDocument Type Title Issuer/Entity
17 Jan 2017 New Issue Montgomery County MUD 95, TX: New Issue - Moody's Assigns Baa2 to Montgomery Co MUD 95, TX's $9.3M Unlimited Tax Bonds, Ser. 2017; Outlook Stable Montgomery Co. M.U.D. 95, TX
17 Jan 2017 Rating Action Moody's Assigns B2 CFR and Instrument Ratings to CH Hold Corp.; Outlook Stable CH Hold Corp.
17 Jan 2017 Rating Action Moody's changes North West Redwater Partnership's rating outlook to stable; rating affirmed at Baa1 North West Redwater Partnership
17 Jan 2017 Issuer Comment City of Perrysburg, OH: Annual Comment on Perrysburg Perrysburg (City of) OH
17 Jan 2017 Rating Action Moody's assigns ratings to five classes of notes issued by Babson CLO Ltd. 2014-III Babson CLO Ltd. 2014-III
17 Jan 2017 Rating Action Moody's Assigns Baa2 to Montgomery Co MUD 95, TX's $9.3M Unlimited Tax Bonds, Ser. 2017; Outlook Stable Montgomery Co. M.U.D. 95, TX
17 Jan 2017 SEC Rule 17g-7 Report of R&Ws Babson CLO Ltd. 2014-III (Refinancing) Deal v1.0 Compared To CLO, SME, Other Cash Flow CDO & ABS v2.0 Babson CLO Ltd. 2014-III
17 Jan 2017 Rating List Miscellaneous 2005-2007 Subprime RMBS Rating Activity - Excel Data
17 Jan 2017 Rating Action Moody's upgrades $516.5 Million Subprime RMBS Carrington Mort...
Carrington Mort...
Carrington Mort...
C-BASS Mortgage...
Soundview Home ...
Structured Asse...
17 Jan 2017 New Issue Spring Valley (Village of) NY: New Issue - Moody's Assigns an A2 to the Village of Spring Valley, NY's 1.9M GOLT Bonds Spring Valley (Village of) NY
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