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  • 1 Mar 2017
    • Australian corporate results reflect economy in transition, continued discipline on debt
      The latest half-year or full-year results for most of the Australian financial and non-financial corporates rated by Moody's are either credit positive or credit neutral, reflecting the country’s transition from a resources-based economy to a services-based one. The results further show the influence of various global economic risks. In response to this trend and risks, companies have focused on managing debt and keeping their balance sheets conservative... Press Release l Full Report
  • 27 Feb 2017
    • Default rate for Asian high-yield non-financial corporates to remain low in 2017
      The default rate for Asian high-yield corporates will remain low through year-end 2017 at 3.1%, partly due to the likely continuation of accommodative monetary policy by the major central banks, with the exception of the US Fed. Support will also come from the continued solid growth of the US economy, and growth in China stabilizing at close to the official target. These developments will result in sufficient liquidity for Asian corporates and offset the potential negative effects of interest rate increases by the Fed. ... Press Release l Full Report
  • 23 Feb 2017
    • Asian high-yield bonds unaffected by dispute on make-whole premiums in North America
      The dispute between investors and bond issuers in North America regarding payment of the make-whole premium upon a default by the issuer has not reached Asia and is unlikely to ever do so. Unlike some recent high-yield bonds for North American companies, Asian high-yield bonds covered in Moody's Covenant Quality Assessments (CQAs) do not include the 'no premium on default' language in their indentures. Such language prevents bondholders from seeking certain premiums if a company breaches its covenants and defaults... Press Release l Full Report
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