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Latin America & Caribbean


  • 17 May 2016
    • Latin American sovereigns face increasing pressures from oil slump
      Latin American governments that depend heavily on oil revenues are facing increasing pressures, including rising contingent liabilities associated with their national oil companies. While Moody's has always incorporated government support assumptions in its ratings of these issuers, it is now reviewing the extent to which actual support may be required, as well as considering the potential credit implications for the affected sovereigns…Full Report
    • Olympics will give Rio a boost, but they won't halt Brazil's economic slump
      Rio de Janeiro's upcoming summer Olympic games will give the city lasting infrastructure improvements, and a short term boost in tax revenues, but the impact won't be enough to turnaround the country's economy. Based on official government estimates from the Ministry of Tourism, at least 350,000 people are expected to visit Rio during the Olympics and subsequent Paralympic Games in September, but overall the impact will be limited for most corporates…Full Report
    • Argentina still faces long-term challenges after return from bond-market exile
      Argentina's successful return to global capital markets after a 15-year hiatus has been one of the most significant achievements of President Mauro Marci's administration. However, further gains in the credit outlook for the nation's government, companies and banks will depend on the government's ability to deliver sustained reductions in the nation's economic imbalances…Full Report
Research coverage includes South America, Central America and the Caribbean Islands. 
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