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Capital Markets Research - Staaten & supranationale Organisationen

Capital Markets Research includes data and research on credit & equity market signals of default risk and credit direction. Published research focuses on the analysis of market signals on entities and sectors, as well as on signal interpretation and model analysis utilizing Moody’s Analytics tools such as Market Implied Ratings and Expected Default Frequencies. At the macro level the group also publishes economic and credit markets data and analysis.​


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  DatumDokument-Art Titel Emittent/Unternehmen
21 May 2020 Market Comment Coronavirus and Drawdown: Building decumulation portfolios that account for events like the coronavirus pandemic
15 May 2020 Market Comment Navigating Credit Beyond COVID-19
26 Mar 2020 Market Comment Peru’s Central Bank Joins the Rate-Cutting Bandwagon
26 Mar 2020 Market Comment What the Stimulus Can Do
25 Mar 2020 Market Comment Australia's Households Are Running for Cover
19 Mar 2020 Market Comment Brazil, Late to Impose Emergency Measures, Faces a Crisis Wide and Deep
19 Mar 2020 Market Comment COVID-19 Will Extend Argentina’s Recession
19 Mar 2020 Market Comment Egypt’s Interest Rate Play
16 Mar 2020 Market Comment COVID-19: A Fiscal Stimulus Plan
16 Mar 2020 Market Comment COVID-19: Darkening Global Outlook
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