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Pesquisa de Mercados de Capitais - Holanda

Capital Markets Research includes data and research on credit & equity market signals of default risk and credit direction. Published research focuses on the analysis of market signals on entities and sectors, as well as on signal interpretation and model analysis utilizing Moody’s Analytics tools such as Market Implied Ratings and Expected Default Frequencies. At the macro level the group also publishes economic and credit markets data and analysis.​


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  DataTipo de Documento Título Emissor/Entidade
03 Apr 2017 Sector Insights Sovereign Risk Report: Latin American Credit Risk Measures Deteriorate Amid Political Crisis in Venezuela
14 Jan 2016 Market Signals Review Market Signals Review: Royal Dutch Shell Plc: Market-Implied Ratings Fall to Lows Royal Dutch Shell Plc
11 Mar 2015 Market Signals Review Market Signals Review: Airbus Group N.V.: Two Market Signals Fly Higher Airbus SE
04 Nov 2014 Market Signals Review Market Signals Review: Royal Dutch Shell Plc: CDS-Implied Ratings Gap Retreats to -4 Notches Royal Dutch Shell Plc
15 Sep 2014 Market Signals Review Heineken N.V.: All Market Signals Bubbling Up (Capital Markets Research) Heineken N.V.
07 Mar 2013 Sector Insights Bank Risk Report: US Banks' Market Signals Reflect a Return to Favor, But European Banks' Credit Spreads Still Lag (Capital Markets Research)
05 Apr 2012 Sector Insights Bank Risk Report: Market Signals Improve for Banks in the US and Europe in 1Q 2012 (Capital Markets Research)
18 Dec 2011 Market Signals Review French Bank Market Signals Update: Volatility Reflects Ongoing Risk, but Volatility Is a Two-Way Street (Capital Markets Research) BNP Paribas
Credit Agricole...
Societe General...
04 May 2011 Market Signals Review Market Signals Bank Risk Report - May 5, 2011 (Capital Markets Research) Bank of America...
Bank of China L...
Barclays Bank P...
Barclays PLC
BNP Paribas
China Construct...
Citigroup Inc.
Credit Suisse G...
Deutsche Bank A...
Goldman Sachs G...
21 Mar 2011 Market Signals Review Supermarkets: Market Signals Indicate the Industry Is Stabilizing (Capital Markets Research) Koninklijke Ahold Delhaize N.V.
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