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In-depth analysis reports on Moody's rated issuers.


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  日付ドキュメント・タイプ タイトル 発行体
20 Feb 2017 イシュア・コメント Government of Mongolia: Proposed Notes Exchange May Constitute a Default; but IMF Programme Could Support Future Recovery of Credit Profile モンゴル政府
20 Feb 2017 格付アクション Moody's upgrades ratings on notes in Pepper Residential Securities Trust No. 16 Pepper Residential Securities Trust No. 16
20 Feb 2017 クレジット・オピニオン Flagship Housing Group Limited: Update to Key Credit Drivers Flagship Housing Group Limited
20 Feb 2017 クレジット・オピニオン KLP Banken A/S: Semiannual Update KLP Banken AS
20 Feb 2017 クレジット・オピニオン Beijing Enterprises Holdings Limited: Weakened standalone credit after overseas investments, mitigated by high government support and core utilities business Beijing Enterprises Holdings Limited
20 Feb 2017 クレジット・オピニオン Commerzbank Finance & Covered Bond S.A.: Semiannual update Commerzbank Finance & Covered Bond S.A.
20 Feb 2017 イシュア・コメント Parkway Life REIT: Acquisition of Japanese Assets Will Enhance Portfolio Quality and Extend Lease Expiry Profile Parkway Life REIT
20 Feb 2017 クレジット・オピニオン Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance Company: Semiannual Update 富国生命保険 相互会社
20 Feb 2017 クレジット・オピニオン Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.: Rating Remains Well Positioned Despite Low Gas Prices, Russian Acquisitions and Planned Investments in Andhra Pradesh Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.
20 Feb 2017 クレジット・オピニオン Pan Indonesia Bank TBK (P.T.): Update Following Ratings Affirmation Pan Indonesia Bank TBK (P.T.)
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