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Issuer In-Depth - Sub-soberano - Zona do Euro


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  DataTipo de Documento Título Emissor/Entidade
08 Apr 2021 Issuer In-Depth Land of Berlin (Germany): Berlin is well positioned to cope with growing social and green demands in its housing sector Berlin, Land of
GEWOBAG Wohnung...
28 Jan 2021 Issuer In-Depth Germany's regional development banks: Strong financial profiles shield German federal states from high contingency risks Baden-Wuerttemb...
Bavaria, Free S...
Bayerische Land...
LfA Foerderbank...
28 Oct 2020 Issuer In-Depth Cities of Milan and Venice (Italy): Credit quality of Milan will be more resilient to pandemic impact than Venice over the longer term Milan, City of
Venice, City of
16 Sep 2020 Issuer In-Depth Land of Berlin and Land of Nordrhein-Westfalen (Germany): Peer comparison – Financial metrics deteriorating for both Lander due to coronavirus but Berlin's economy more affected Berlin, Land of
14 Nov 2019 Issuer In-Depth Hospices Civils de Lyon and CHU de Lille: Peer comparison – Health care sector reform is credit positive, but divergence in debt affordability will persist CHU de Lille
Hospices Civils...
30 Oct 2019 Issuer In-Depth Comunidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain): Region's dynamism and density will curb rise in health and social costs Madrid, Comunidad Autonoma de
28 Oct 2019 Issuer In-Depth UNEDIC (France): Latest unemployment insurance reform will address structural imbalance and substantially reduce deficit UNEDIC
14 Oct 2019 Issuer In-Depth Land of Nordrhein-Westfalen (Germany): The only German land issuing sustainability bonds Nordrhein-Westfalen, Land of
25 Jul 2019 Issuer In-Depth Region of Lombardy (Italy) : Public procurement digitalisation improves spending efficiency and transparency, a credit positive Lombardy, Region of
01 Oct 2018 Issuer In-Depth Département du Bas-Rhin (France): Credit impact of potential merger with Département du Haut-Rhin depends on responsibilities of new entity
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Bas-Rhin, departement du
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