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Analysis on credit risk, ratings, and current events via Industry Outlooks, Special Reports, and other research types. ​
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  日付ドキュメント・タイプ タイトル 発行体
25 Apr 2019 セクター・イン・デプス Global Trade Monitor - April 2019 (Presentation)
25 Apr 2019 セクター・イン・デプス Banks - United States: Q1 consumer loan performance update: Performance improves for auto loans; remains stable for cards and mortgages
25 Apr 2019 セクター・イン・デプス US Housing and Housing Finance Conference – Recap: Speakers see demographics, affordability and policy considerations as key themes
25 Apr 2019 セクター・イン・デプス Integrated Oil & Gas - Russia: Profitability will remain strong in 2019, supported by a weak rouble, high oil prices
25 Apr 2019 セクター・イン・デプス Structured Finance — Global: Blockchain improves operational efficiency for securitisations, amid new risks
25 Apr 2019 セクター・イン・デプス Banks - Belarus: Macro profile – Very Weak +
25 Apr 2019 セクター・イン・デプス Emerging markets - Global: Inaugural Emerging Market Liquidity Stress Indicator for March 2019 (Slides)
25 Apr 2019 セクター・イン・デプス Cement - China: Industry leaders benefit as environmental policies reduce supply, lead to higher prices
25 Apr 2019 セクター・イン・デプス Onshore bond market — China: Risk aversion strains liquidity of weaker companies; defaults likely to continue
24 Apr 2019 セクター・イン・デプス Retail - Europe: Inequalities will weaken retailers' credit quality and slightly benefit luxury firms
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