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March 7-14, 2012

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European debt crisis

[Mar 12] Greece’s Successful Bond Exchange Removes Key Uncertainty, but Risk of Default
Post-Exchange Remains High

[Mar 12] Delay in Securing Multilateral Support Is Credit Negative for Hungary

[Mar 12] New Support Package Credit Is Positive for Danish Banks

[Mar 12] Greek Bond Collective Action Is Credit Negative for CSOs with Exposure to Greece

For additional information on The Euro Area Sovereign Crisis and Affected Credits please visit:

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Annual Report on Papua New Guinea
[Mar 9] Following Moody’s latest annual analysis of Papua New Guinea, the outlook for the country’s B1 local and foreign government bond ratings remains stable.

Asia Liquidity Stress Index
[Mar 9] Moody's Asian Liquidity Stress Index rose in February, with 14.6% of its rated speculative-grade portfolio demonstrating weak liquidity compared with 12.5% in January.

India's Fiscal Deficits: What past trends portend for the future
[Mar 7] India's wide and persistent fiscal deficits could eventually compromise the country's macroeconomic profile and while the annual budget statement can set fiscal reform in motion, lasting fiscal relief will require persistent policy efforts over several years.

Moody's Weekly Credit Outlook
[Mar 12] China’s Lower Target for GDP Growth Weighs on Its Sagging Steel Sector; Lower Electricity Demand in Australia Is Credit Negative for Power Utilities; AXA Acquires Some HSBC P&C Operations; a Credit Positive for Its Hong Kong Business; Philippine Fiscal Results Point to Continued Debt Reduction; and more.

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Rating Actions


[Mar 7] Moody's withdraws provisional ratings on Societe Generale ELN



[Mar 13] Moody's downgrades MVPL to Caa1 from B3; Outlook negative



[Mar 12] Moody's assigns Ba2 to Agile's USD notes; outlook stable



[Mar 12] Moody's rates CITIC Pacific's MTN drawdown Ba1; outlook negative



[Mar 7] Moody's downgrades Bank of India; outlook stable



[Mar 13] Moody's assigns B2 corporate family rating to Alam Sutera Realty



[Mar 8] Moody's downgrades MISC to Baa2; outlook negative
[Mar 8] Moody's Upgrades the Malaysian State of Sarawak's Rating to A3



[Mar 9] Moody's assigns definitive rating to ANZ National Series 2011-1 Tranche 2 mortgage covered bonds



[Mar 7] Moody's assigns (P) Baa3 rating to Mapletree Logistics Trust's perpetual securities
[Mar 12] Moody's assigns definitive Baa3 rating to Genting Singapore's perpetual notes
[Mar 13] Moody's assigns provisional A3 rating to CMT's EMTN drawdown



[Mar 12] Moody's rates Siam Commercial Bank's senior unsecured notes A3

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[Mar 7] Moody's comments on Amcor's acquisition announcement
[Mar 9] Moody's comments on Telstra's NBN announcement
[Mar 13] Moody's Disclosures on Credit Ratings of AMP Bank Limited
[Mar 13] Moody's Disclosures on Credit Ratings of AMP Group Holdings Limited



[Mar 7] Moody's: No rating impact from CCRE's consent solicitation
[Mar 13] Moody's comments on China Resources Land's FY 2011 results



[Mar 7] Moody's comments on Jardines Strategic's 2011 results
[Mar 8] Moody's: Lifestyle's ratings unchanged following tap bond issuance
[Mar 13] Moody's comments on Hysan's 2011 results



[Mar 9] Moody's affirms Baa2 issuer rating of PNB; outlook stable
[Mar 9] Correction to Headline,  March 2, 2012 Release: Moody's assigns Baa3 to REC's proposed CHF200 million notes program



[Mar 9] Moody's Disclosures on Credit Ratings of Bank Danamon Indonesia TBK (P.T.)



[Mar 8] Moody's Disclosures on Credit Ratings of Hyundai Capital Services, Inc.
[Mar 8] Moody's Disclosures on Credit Ratings of Hana Bank



[Mar 9] Moody's Disclosures on Credit Ratings of RHB Bank Berhad
[Mar 9] Moody's Disclosures on Credit Ratings of CIMB Bank Berhad



[Mar 13] Moody's Disclosures on Credit Ratings of Mongolia, Government of



[Mar 9] Moody's Disclosures on Credit Ratings of ANZ National Bank Ltd

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Moody's Events


Australian DCM Summit 2012 Sydney
Sydney, March 22-23, 2012

Moody's & ICRA Joint Briefing: India and Beyond: Sovereign, Banking and Credit Trends
New Delhi, 2 April, 2012
Mumbai, 3 April, 2012

FinanceAsia 3rd Annual APAC Debt Investor Forum
Hong Kong, April 12-13, 2012
Click below to access teleconference / webcast replay. (*Free registration is required)

[Mar 9] Asian Refiners (ex-Japan) to Fare Better Than Their Global Peers
[Mar 13] Key Drivers Behind Moody's Rating Action on MISC


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Moody's Training Seminars

Corporate Credit Rating Analysis, March 27-29, 2012
Interest Rate Swaps: Pricing, Risk Management and Structured Applications, September 10-11, 2012
High Yield and Leveraged Finance Credit Analysis, October 29-30, 2012
Corporate Credit Rating Analysis, November 5-7, 2012
Advanced Corporate Credit Analysis, December 10-12, 2012



High Yield and Leveraged Finance Credit Analysis, May 15-16, 2012
Corporate Credit Rating Analysis, July 11-13, 2012
Fundamentals of Corporate Credit, September 18-21, 2012
Advanced Corporate Credit Analysis, September 26-28, 2012



Corporate Credit Rating Analysis, May 1-3, 2012
Fundamentals of Corporate Credit, July 31-August 3, 2012



Corporate Credit Rating Analysis, September 4-6, 2012


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