Financial services

We help a huge range of financial institutions solve their KYC and customer due diligence challenges.

From global banks to neo banks, wealth managers to cryptocurrencies, private equity firms to card solution providers, we enable you to operate simple and efficient customer due diligence and perpetual KYC processes anywhere in the world for any product and any type of customer.

Automate your end-to-end risk management and compliance activity, integrate leading data sets, and maintain records in one solution. We can help you stop financial crime, not good customers. Get an automated solution with no compromise between compliance efficiency and great customer experiences.


Key benefits to financial institutions

Moody's Analytics provides a flexible approach to KYC

Update the configuration of your KYC solution to meet new regulatory requirements whenever you need.

Manage CDD and KYC using an integrated approach that harnesses innovation in an end-to-end solution. Adapt to regulatory changes quickly and efficiently to ensure you stay compliant without having to embark on an expensive change program.

The complete picture of risk

Implement an automated workflow of KYC checks integrated with Moody's Analytics' leading data sets and other sources of information to create a full picture of risk. Use a single solution to perform checks and view results. Then you can make risk-based decisions about who you work with - and who you don’t.

Dramatically reduce false positives in customer due diligence

Choose the right platform to orchestrate your KYC and CDD checks and access quality, accurate data from Moody’s Analytics to reduce the number of false positives your team deals with each day. Curate information on customers and counterparties from leading global sources, filter that data according to your criteria, and then view the results.

Configure your KYC solution so it works for your organization and its customers

Use our risk engine to automate compliance tasks, integrated with quality KYC data checks to achieve maximum efficiency. You will also create a better, more seamless customer experience of onboarding and ongoing monitoring. Maintain a 360degree view of risk for each profile in one place where your teams can collaborate and communicate directly with customers.

Get the data you need to support AML investigations

Moody’s Analytics KYC provides high-quality data integrated with workflow automation that can be configured to support any AML investigation. Establish a configuration that works for you and your organization – then change it when you need to.

Get accurate, structured data integrated into your KYC process

Create operational efficiency and less friction in your KYC processes by integrating the data you need for customer due diligence through a single solution. Create a full picture of risk that is always on and that you know you can trust. Data is clear, audited, and unified in a single, secure solution.

Reduce the time it takes to respond to audit requests

Maintain customer information and records in one place with Moody’s and you will be able to respond to audit requests quickly and efficiently. The data we provide is of the highest quality - detailed and able to satisfy your due diligence requirements, and auditors. A history of actions and decisions can be audited in a responsive and simple way.


Financial institutions we help

We have solutions for banks of all sizes. And we have experience transforming KYC for tier 1 global institutions through to local banks. Solve important KYC challenges, provide outstanding customer experiences, and achieve regulatory compliance. Our solutions support you and your customers across the entire lifecycle with automated, efficient compliance and due diligence process.

We have digital KYC solutions for Fintechs operating as Neo banks; lenders; payment providers; investment, wealth management, and asset management solutions; and crypto exchanges and wallets.  We support high growth, as well as startup firms with scalable and efficient compliance solutions that maximize efficiency, while providing great digital customer experiences.

We can tailor an automated KYC solution for any asset management firm. Hedge funds, specialty asset management providers, sovereign funds, custody/clearing/funds admin, pension, private equity, venture capital, wealthtech, wealth management within banks, institutional securities/brokers/dealers, municipal financial advisors, pension fund advisors, investment consultants, commercial real estate investment trusts and the list goes on.


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