Global Investment Banks
Global Investment Banks have significant capital markets activities and business-model characteristics that can pose unique or pronounced risks to their creditors. Learn more about the trends impacting this group of banks.
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  • 28 Apr 2021|Moody's Investors Service
    Corporate banking faces narrowing profitability prospects because of low interest rates, competition and high provisioning charges. But for large European banks BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, HSBC Holdings and UniCredit, increased tech investment will support improved service platforms and expansion outside the euro area will help generate more predictable earnings streams.

    16 Apr 2021|Moody's Investors Service
    The first quarter of 2021 was broadly credit positive for the five US-based GIBs, but MS’s Archegos losses illustrate the dangers lurking in this extraordinary market environment.

    23 Feb 2021|Moody's Investors Service
    The aggregate adjusted pretax profit of the seven European global investment banks was a modest $9.9 billion in the fourth quarter of 2020. This is down 24% from a year earlier and down 32% from the previous quarter. The yearly decrease reflects the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, which drove higher credit impairments.
    20 Feb 2021|Moody's Investors Service
    The five US-based global investment banks reported aggregate pretax profit of $37.0 billion in the fourth quarter of 2020, up 32% from $27.9 billion in the third quarter and up 25% from $29.5 billion in the fourth quarter of 2019. Results were aided by reserve releases at four of the five firms.

    27 Jan 2021|Moody's Investors Service
    Lan Wang of the Banking team and Lillian Li of the Credit Strategy & Research team discuss why China’s move to open up its domestic financial markets to foreign securities firms potentially benefits all parties, despite operational hurdles. Plus, Marina Cremonese of the Asset Management team joins Lan to talk about the future for asset managers seeking to grow their businesses in China.

    13 Jan 2021|Moody's Investors Service
    Donald Robertson and Ana Arsov of the Banking team explain how the lessons global investment banks learned from the financial crisis better prepared them to withstand coronavirus stresses, and how strong capital markets revenue buffered the large loan-loss provisions they booked during 2020. Plus, Mark Wasden and Bruno Baretta of the Banking team explore how coronavirus effects are driving the negative outlook for most global finance companies.

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