Global Investment Banks
Global Investment Banks have significant capital markets activities and business-model characteristics that can pose unique or pronounced risks to their creditors. Learn more about the trends impacting this group of banks.
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    04 Aug 2022|Moody's Investors Service
    In Q2 2022, the seven UK and European global investment banks recorded $18 billion in aggregate pretax profit, adjusted for exceptional loss items, down 14% from Q2 2021. On a reported basis, unadjusted aggregated pretax profit was only $13 billion, down 30% from the previous year, mainly because of some large bank-specific exceptional loss items.

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    19 Jul 2022|Moody's Investors Service
    Reported profits declined, reflecting a swing to moderate reserve building. Pre-provision profitability was down less, reflecting rising net interest income and expanding net interest margins at the four universal banks. Significant rises in regulatory capital requirements drove capital retention and aggressive risk-weighted asset management at some firms.

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    19 May 2022|Moody's Investors Service
    In the real-life stress test of 2020-21, JPM’s diversified, complete and at-scale business performed well for creditors, who may have several key questions on the bank's investor day.

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    05 May 2022|Moody's Investors Service
    The Q1 2022 results of UK- and Europe-based global investment banks were good, despite a spike in litigation and restructuring charges and higher provisions against expected credit losses.

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    18 Apr 2022|Moody's Investors Service
    All six US-based global investment and universal banks reported a sequential decline in their Common Equity Tier 1 capitalization during the first quarter. Reserve releases should be less of a driver of pretax profit for the rest of 2022 now that much of the reserve buildup during the height of the pandemic has been released.

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    24 Feb 2022|Moody's Investors Service
    The Q4 2021 results of Europe-based global capital markets firms were strong, primarily driven by a 74% drop in provisions against expected credit losses.

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    23 Feb 2022|Moody's Investors Service
    Closing the profitability gap with peers will be a challenging, multiyear project for Citigroup, but the outlines of a new bondholder-friendly direction for the bank are emerging.

    20 Jan 2022|Moody's Investors Service
    The Q4 2021 results of the US-based GIBs reflect the continuing benefit they derive from extraordinarily robust investment banking as well as the higher asset and wealth management fees.

    15 Oct 2021|Moody's Investors Service
    The solid third quarter results of the five US-based GIBs reflect the global reach of their institutional capital markets platforms, pristine credit quality, as well as the scale and diversification of their other franchises, such as asset management.

    04 Aug 2021|Moody's Investors Service
    Stronger, more diverse earnings, if sustained, will buffer the more volatile results of DB's capital markets business in adverse markets and – together with the bank's meaningfully lower expense base – equip it to achieve the financial targets set out in its strategic overhaul.

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