Topics are collections of timely and in-depth commentaries which offer insight into current events and trends impacting global credit markets. 

Africa: Emergence and transformation
The entry of several African sovereigns and large corporations into international debt capital markets prompted this centralized source for Moody's research.
Automotive Sector Transformation
Driven by technology, sustainability and changing consumer preferences, this transformation will have major ramifications for multiple sectors globally.
California utilities in the wake of the PG&E bankruptcy
The PG&E bankruptcy has significant credit ramifications for an array of utilities, power projects and cities in California. 
Changing tides: politics, elections and credit risk
The far-reaching nature of various political shifts under way across the world, particularly in advanced economies, has raised the potential for significant changes in policy direction.
China: Increasing credit differentiation between regions and sectors
This page provides a centralized source for Moody's research related to key credit trends in China and the increasing credit differentiation between regions and sectors.
This page aggregates all research regarding covenants published by Moody's Investors Service.
Credit Implications of Brexit
The UK's decision to leave the European Union has far-reaching credit consequences across all sectors and regions.
Cyber Risk
The growing intersection of supply chains, connectivity and access to data is increasing the potential risks for significant cyberattacks on governments and businesses worldwide.
Demographics: credit risks and opportunities
Demographic trends are impacting issuers across sectors globally, weighing on economic and fiscal growth. This page explores the credit implications of changing demographics.
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
Market participants are focusing more on the potential for environmental, social and governance issues to impact investment decisions and to assist in the creation of a sustainable economy.
Financial stability risks: implications of rising corporate leverage
Tighter monetary policy will pressure highly leveraged issuers. Some assets could be at risk of correction if market sentiment turns. This page compiles our research on financial stability.
Global Investment Banks
Global Investment Banks have significant capital markets activities and business-model characteristics that can pose unique or pronounced risks to their creditors.
Green Bonds
Green bonds raise capital exclusively for projects or activities with specific climate or environmental sustainability aims. Moody’s research covers, trends, developments, and assessments
Growth: Macroeconomic outlook & insights on fiscal and monetary policies
This page provides a centralized for Moody's Investors Service macro risk analysis and forecasts.
Healthcare Change and Innovation
This page provides a centralized source for Moody's research on key credit issues relating to healthcare. 
Islamic Finance
Islamic Finance is an important part of global capital markets in view of the rising demand in the Middle East and Asia.  
Libor and Euribor reform: what does the future hold?
Adapting to any reform or replacement of these benchmarks will involve numerous challenges and risks.
Pensions: Today's promises, tomorrow's credit challenges
Uncover the credit implications of pension obligations.
Regulation of Financial Institutions
The latest developments in regulation and capital requirements for banks and insurers globally.
Rising Trade Tensions
Rising tensions between global trading partners set the stage for broader challenges to the global trade regime and financial markets uncertainty, 
Technology and innovation
Emerging technologies and their potential to affect credit risk in various sectors and asset classes.
US Housing: the recovery’s over – what’s next?
Following a long recovery, the US housing and housing finance markets are facing a more complex environment where home affordability has been decreasing across broad segments.