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27 Sep 2021|Moody's Investors Service

Chinese authorities will seek to avoid instability from Evergrande’s resolution to avoid widespread negative repercussions across the economy. However, some costs will likely be borne by the central and regional governments, some financial institutions and other property developers.

20 Sep 2021|Moody's Investors Service

We have begun assessing the risks and opportunities facing financial institutions as the world transitions away from dependency on fossil fuels toward greener alternatives. Amid mounting pressure on financial institutions from governments, investors, consumers and regulators, we will highlight how exposed they are to carbon risk, by major sector and region, and how certain business models will be better placed than others.

20 Sep 2021|Moody's Corporation

Climate change is the biggest risk multiplier facing the world today. Urgent action is needed. Explore what it will take to build a more resilient and sustainable future.

20 Oct 2021|Moody's Investors Service

Get in-depth analyses and thought leadership on what’s up ahead for North American banks as they navigate climate risks, European financial institutions as they confront post-pandemic profitability challenges, and Asian banks as they face a rapidly changing environment and uneven recovery.

24 Sep 2021|Moody's Corporation

Climate change is the biggest risk multiplier facing the world today. It’s a profound challenge for economies and communities alike. The entire financial industry must take on shared challenges and knock down barriers to progress together. Moody’s CEO Rob Fauber outlines three areas where we at Moody’s see a particular need for collective effort.

27 Sep 2021|Moody's Investors Service

Bond markets in emerging market countries, as measured by percentage of GDP, have grown three times faster on average than have mature bond markets, reaching 80% of GDP in 2020 from 15% in 2000. Domestic bond markets are much larger than international bond markets and are expanding alongside bank lending, rather than replacing it.

27 Sep 2021|Moody's Investors Service

Proposed EU climate legislation will accelerate the decarbonisation of energy-intensive industries, with airlines and shipping among the most affected. A planned carbon border adjustment mechanism will increase costs for some non-EU producers that export to the EU.

Source: Moody's Investors Service
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New US travel rules are credit positive for European longhaul airlines, airports

General Electric's acquisition of BK Medical marks pivot to more offensive strategy, a credit positive

Investors face recurring market volatility and uncertainty in coming quarters

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Taper, Shutdown and Debt Ceiling, Oh My

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U.S. Trend Remains Positive

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