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  • About This Site
    • What can I find on this web site?
    • Moody's provides a broad range of information to the global capital markets.  Our services include current ratings information, in-depth research, and analytical tools that are useful to investors around the world.
    • Can I access Moody's ratings without being a client?
    • Yes, you can look up ratings without being a paying client, once you have registered with us.  However, to access certain reports and analysis, you must be a client.
    • What services are publicly available, and what are available to clients only?
    • Ratings and basic information about the credits that Moody's rates are publicly available to all site visitors.  The text of recent rating actions is also publicly available, as well as ratings lists and watchlists. Paying clients can search our database for ratings and research on thousands of Corporates, Sovereign, Municipal, and Structured Finance entities.  Clients can also find special reports and in-depth analysis on areas related to credit risk.
    • Can I set up a portfolio on this site to monitor securities?
    • Yes.  A portfolio feature with email notification is a part of the suite of services available to clients of the Global Credit Research program.  Clients have the ability to add up to 1000 credits to up to 100 total entity and security portfolios and receive an email notification when new research is published about any of those credits.
    • Are Moody's ratings or research recommendations to buy or sell securities?
    • No, our ratings and research are statements of opinion, and not statements of fact or recommendations to buy, sell, or hold securities.  Please see our Rating Definitions section to understand more about what ratings mean and how they are used.
  • Using Features
    • How do I look up a rating?
    • If you know the name of the issuer or deal whose rating you are looking for: 1. Type the name in the search box, and select the  you see the issuer in the typeahead box, you can click on the name there to go directly to the issuer's page.  If you do not, keep typing until you see the issuer name, or hit enter/click Go to do a full search, then follow the steps in the next section. 3. The long term rating will be listed directly at the top of the summary information.  To see the rating date and rating type, hover over the rating and a flyout will appear with this information.       If you know another identifier for the rating you are looking for, like ISIN or CUSIP, you can type that directly in the search box and hit enter or Go.  This will take you to the information we have about the debt, including its rating.
    • How do I use custom alerts?
    • Our custom alerts section allows you to set an alert on your area of focus, and stay on top of all of the relevant research Moody's publishes. You can choose from three types of filters in custom alerts - Research Type, Region, and Market Segment.  For example, if you are interested in reading Special Reports that are relevant to Structured Finance in Europe, you can set Research Type = Special Reports (under Industry/Sector Research), Region = Europe (under Europe, Middle East, and Africa), and Market Segment = Structured Finance.  If you want to limit your reports to only those that are about CMBS or RMBS, you can choose those two market segments. If you want to receive all methodologies, or all Corporate methodologies, you can leave one of the filters blank.  However, you must select at least one filter to turn on alerts.
    • How do I set up RSS Feeds?
    • If you would like to setup RSS Feeds, please click here for directions.
    • How do I find information on an entity - an issuer, a deal, or a sale?
    • 1. Type the name of the entity you would like to look up in the search box 2. Select the name from the typeahead menu to go directly to the At-a-Glance page If you don't see the exact entity name in the typeahead menu: 1. Type the name in the Search box and hit "Go" 2. Click on the "Organizations" tab of the results page and select the relevant name 3. If there are too many names in the results page, first narrow your options by using the left navigation bar and then select the relevant entity
    • How do I find research?
    • Research on the new site can be accessed in two ways: from search, and from the Research & Ratings menu. You can find research by typing in an issuer, author, title, or keyword into the search box. If you are looking for research about a specific issuer, you can go directly to that issuer's page from the typeahead menu and find documents on the Research tab. If you are looking for research written by a specific author, you can type their first or last name in the search box and hit enter. If you know their full name, enclose it in quotes ("John Smith") for the best search results. If you are looking for a document and you know all or part of the title, type it in the search box and hit enter. You can put quotes around the title to search for the full phrase rather than the individual words; this will help you get more accurate results, especially if you remember the exact title. If you are searching for a keyword, just type in the keyword and hit enter or Go. On the search results page you can narrow down your research results using the filters on the left hand side. From the Research & Ratings menu, you can browse through all of our research based on predefined filters. If you are looking for a Special Report, Methodology, or Rating Action, you can access those directly from the menu. Otherwise, you can browse through our research using the By Market Segments, By Region, and By Research Type option. Once you've chosen one filter, you can continue to apply more narrow filters, like Banking under Financial Institutions, or add a new type of filter, like Asia Pacific. The ten most recently published documents will appear first. If you want to see older documents, click on the View All link. This will take you to a page where you can still apply filters, and you can also page through the results or add a time period using the drop down menu. You can see more detail on how to search in our Site Tour, on the Search & Navigation tab.  You can also view short videos on searching for special reports and for issuers on the Videos tab. If you are still unable to locate a document, please Contact Us.
    • Why am I having trouble viewing my portfolios, alerts and rating class history on At-A-Glance pages?
    • Portfolios and alerts can be accessed from any page while logged in, via the purple My Moody's tab, in the upper right corner of the site.    Trouble viewing portfolios, alerts or charts on   If you are having trouble viewing portfolios, alerts or charts, then you may not have the Flash plugin installed in your browser.  To download and install the Flash plugin, click here.    If you do have it installed, then it may be disabled in your browser.   The below steps should enable the Flash plugin to function properly on    To enable your plugin in Internet Explorer: 1. Go to Tools->Internet Options. 2. Select the Security tab and the Custom Level... button. 3. Under the section "Active Controls and plug-ins" select Enable under "Run ActiveX controls and plugins." 4. Click Ok to exit out of the windows and return to the site. 5. You will need to refresh your browser to see the plugin work properly on the site.    To enable your plugin in Mozilla Firefox: 1. Go to Tools->Options.  2. On the Main tab, select "Manage Add Ons...". 3. Select the Plugins tab, and click on the Enable button to enable the plugin. 4. Click Ok to exit out of the windows and return to the site. 5. You will need to refresh your browser to see the plugin work properly on the site.   If you are still having trouble, then please contact your IT department for further assistance.
  • Getting Started
    • Do I need to register to use this site?
    • You do not need to register to access certain areas of, such as Products & Solutions or Moody's Corporation site.  To access other information, such as ratings, you will first need to self-register.
    • What does Moody's do with my personal information?
    • Information entered is for the use of Moody's and its affiliates only.  We do not disclose this information for marketing purposes to third parties or sell it to mailing list distributors.  You may also want to read our Privacy Policy.
    • Once I register, what can I access?
    • As an esteemed self-registered user, you can look up ratings on over 170,000 business entities and read in-depth details on rating actions published within the last seven days.  Access to our in-depth research or to our analytic products is available to clients only.  If you are interested in becoming a client, please go to the Contact Us page to speak to a client representative nearest you.
    • What if I forget my username or password?
    • If you forget your username and password, click the 'forgot username or password' link on the home page or on the login page.
    • What if my username and password isn't recognized?
    • Passwords are case-sensitive; be sure to enter capital and lowercase letters where necessary.  If you still encounter problems with your password, you can reset it by clicking on the 'forgot username or password' link on the home page or on the login page.  If you username is not recognized or if you are having issues with your password after resetting it, please go to Contact Us and speak with a client services representative nearest you.
  • System Requirements
  • In order to view all of the content on, your system must meet the following requirements:Browser must be Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher, or Mozilla Firefox (any version)Java Script must be enabledLatest version of Flash Player must be installed (click here to download the latest version)Latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed (click here to download the latest version)If your system meets these requirements and you are still having difficulty viewing reports or any other site content, please visit Contact Us and speak with your local client services representative.