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Steven Hess
Senior Vice President  
Anne Van Praagh
Managing Director
Elena Duggar
Group Credit Officer  

Financial Institutions
David Fanger
Senior Vice President  
Mark LaMonte
Managing Director - CCO  
Managed Investments
Yaron Ernst
Managing Director  
Daniel Serrao
SVP - Team Leader  
U.S. Public Finance
Gail Sussman
Managing Director
Naomi Richman
Managing Director
Anne Van Praagh
Managing Director - CCO  

Structured Finance

Jonathan Polansky
Managing Director

Nicolas Weill
Managing Director - CCO  
Corporate Finance

Mark Gray
Managing Director
Dan Gates

Managing Director - CCO  

U.S. Infrastructure
William Coley
Senior Vice President  

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United States in Focus

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  • 22 Sep 2016
    • US Presidential candidates’ policy proposals could have significant credit impacts
      US corporates in a range of sectors from industrials to healthcare could face significant credit impacts, both positive and negative, from the proposed policies being put forward by major party candidates in the upcoming presidential elections. Moody’s has examined five prominent areas of policy - trade, healthcare, financial regulation, immigration and corporate tax reform – and evaluated how each candidate’s proposals will affect rated issuers... Full Report

    • Shift in US policies post elections could hit Asia's high value manufacturing
      The credit implications for Asia Pacific sovereigns of a potential shift in US policies after the election would materialize through changes in trade and investment, if the next administration adopts less proactive foreign engagement over time. US policies under the next administration could range from a continuation of the status quo to a gradual retrenchment from trade and investment ties and curbs on immigration...Full Report
  • 7 Sep 2016
    • Next President's fiscal policies will drive US's credit profile
      The outcome of the upcoming US Presidential election will not affect the United States' Aaa stable credit rating. But the next administration's fiscal policies will shape the US's credit profile more than has been the case for recent administrations. A key challenge will be to tackle the rising cost of entitlement programs comprising Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Neither candidate has provided details on this, although their proposals continue to take shape. Without countermeasures, these costs will weaken the US's credit profile over the coming years...Full Report

Research & Ratings

  DateDocument Type Title Issuer/Entity
26 Sep 2016 Sector In-Depth Global Aerospace and Defense: Potential Uptick in Trade Tensions After the US Election Poses Credit Risks
23 Sep 2016 Sector In-Depth Sovereigns – Sub-Saharan Africa : US Post-Election Shift in Trade Policy Poses Limited Overall Risk, But Exposures Vary
23 Sep 2016 Sector Comment Sovereigns – European Union: US Post-Election Shift in Trade Policy Would Have Modest Impact Overall
22 Sep 2016 Sector In-Depth European Non-Financial Corporates: Trade Policies Will be the Focal Point for European Industry Following US Presidential Election
22 Sep 2016 Sector In-Depth Sovereigns – Middle East & North Africa: US Post-Election Shift in Trade Policy Would Have Immaterial Impact
22 Sep 2016 Issuer In-Depth Government of United States of America – Aaa Stable: Annual Credit Analysis United States of America, Government of
22 Sep 2016 Sector In-Depth Sovereigns – Asia Pacific: US Post-Election Shift in Trade Policy Would Affect High-Value Manufacturers Most Australia, Gove...
Bangladesh, Gov...
Cambodia, Gover...
China, Governme...
Fiji, Governmen...
Hong Kong, Gove...
India, Governme...
Indonesia, Gove...
Japan, Governme...
Korea, Governme...
22 Sep 2016 Sector In-Depth Sovereigns – Americas: US Post-Election Shift in Trade Policy Would Affect Mexico and Central America Most
22 Sep 2016 Sector In-Depth Cross-Sector – US: US Post-Election Policy Shifts Will Have Credit Effects on Various US Sectors United States of America, Government of
08 Sep 2016 Sector In-Depth Not-for-Profit and Public Healthcare - US: Medians - Growing Revenue and Demand Support Strong Margins, Contraction Ahead
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