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Emerging Markets

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  • 22 Sep 2016
    • Shift in US policies post elections could hit Asia's high value manufacturing
      The credit implications for Asia Pacific sovereigns of a potential shift in US policies after the election would materialize through changes in trade and investment, if the next administration adopts less proactive foreign engagement over time. US policies under the next administration could range from a continuation of the status quo to a gradual retrenchment from trade and investment ties and curbs on immigration.... Press Release l Full Report
  • 28 Jul 2016
    • Most South/SE Asian rated high-yield corporates show mitigants against USD debt exposures
      A total 33 of our 37 rated non-financial, high-yield companies with USD debt have protections against a significant rise in leverage or contraction in EBITDA, should their local currencies depreciate up to 20% against the USD. Although the local currencies, which consist primarily of the Indonesian rupiah and the Indian rupee, have shown relative stability in 2016, we continue to monitor the risk of profitability declining, or debt levels and borrowing costs rising, if they weaken against the dollar... Press Release l Full Report
  • 7 Apr 2016
    • Asian Liquidity Stress Index deteriorates in March to 32.2%; worst monthly result since March 2009
      Moody's Asian Liquidity Stress Index (LSI) rose to its highest – or worst – level since March 2009, reflecting the increase in Moody's-rated high-yield companies with the weakest speculative-grade liquidity score of SGL-4 to 39 from 38 in February. More generally, the index is elevated because of weakening trends in corporate liquidity acros​s Asia. Companies in the oil & gas, metals & mining and related sectors account for over 40.0% of the index’s SGL-4 scores... Press Release l Full Report​​​​​
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