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Europe, Middle East & Africa


  • 2 Dec 2015
    • Moody's Credit Insight: Rise of restructurings is credit positive for Irish RMBS, covered bonds and banks
      In the latest publication, we discuss the credit positive impact of increased use of restructurings for Irish RMBS, covered bonds and banks. The decline in temporary payment arrangements is credit positive for RMBS as more sustainable long-term solutions are reached between lenders and borrowers. We also examine the pressure on Italian small and medium-sized enterprise deals stemming from weak economic conditions, rather than originator placement under supervision…Full Report
  • 17 Sep 2015
    • Moody’s Credit Insight: Senior European ABS and RMBS tranches remain protected from principal losses
      This edition of Credit Insight examines the resilience of senior tranches in European ABS and RMBS to deterioration in collateral performance and counterparty risk, with the number of tranches that we expect to incur high losses falling since 2014. The newsletter also highlights the material impairments and impairment rates through year-end 2014 of EMEA structured finance securities issued since 1993...Full Report
  • 31 Mar 2015
    • UK nonconforming borrowers are almost twice as likely to become mortgage prisoners
      The UK's ongoing north-south divide is reflected in the non-conforming mortgage market: Borrowers in north England and in Northern Ireland are 1.9 times as likely to be trapped by their mortgage loans than their southern counterparts. At 54%, over half of northern borrowers in this category are mortgage prisoners, compared with 32% of borrowers in the rest of the country. About three-quarters of northern borrowers in who took out interest-only loans when the market peaked in 2007 are mortgage prisoners. Mortgage prisoners are borrowers who are unable to keep up with monthly payments and incapable of refinancing to obtain a better deal, or move house because they fall outside lending criteria… Press Release
Research coverage includes Europe, Middle Eastern nations, as well as African countries. 
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