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Moody’s Talks - Muniland
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MAY 2022
May 12th 2022 (15.24 mins)
Recovery patterns in Puerto Rico’s bankruptcy-like case resemble large municipal bankruptcies such as Detroit. Also, flood risks threaten to weaken some cities’ property tax bases, increase the need for infrastructure investment and disrupt the economy.
APRIL 2022
April 14th 2022 (17.05 mins)
Susan Fitzgerald and Chris Collins of the US Public Finance team discuss enrollment and other revenue challenges affecting higher education. Plus, Ted Hampton discusses how gas tax suspensions will affect states’ capacity to pay debt on bonds backed in large part by the suspended taxes.
MARCH 2022
March 10th 2022 (19.49 mins)
Tom Aaron of the US Public Finance team and Madhavi Bokil of the Credit Strategy and Research team examine why states, local governments and other public finance issuers are generally positioned to withstand moderately rising inflation. Plus, Chris Yared and Michael Wertz discuss to what extent federal infrastructure funding will address the 44,000 US bridges in poor condition.
February 10th 2022 (18.22 mins)
Nansis Hayek and Matt Cahill of the US Public Finance team discuss how the pandemic-driven telehealth surge is helping the challenged healthcare sector. Plus, analysts Baye Larsen and Ted Hampton explain how manufacturing computer chips in Ohio and electric vehicles in Michigan will help the Rust Belt.
January 13th 2022 (15.25 mins)
Marcia Van Wagner of the US Public Finance team discusses reasons behind the falloff in soaring state tax revenue growth, including expired federal pandemic aid and interest rates. Plus, Jennifer Chang, Adebola Kushimo and Coley Anderson weigh in on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues facing state and local governments and delve into our new simplified way of communicating ESG risks.​
December 9th 2021 (17.04 mins)
Kendra Smith of the US Public Finance team discusses why a nursing/labor shortage and difficulties with insurer reimbursement contribute to our negative outlook for the healthcare sector. Plus, Tim Blake and Leonard Jones weigh in on solid tax revenue growth during the pandemic playing a leading role in the stable outlooks for states and local governments.
November 11th 2021 (16.33mins)
Matt Cahill and Beth Wexler of the US Public Finance team discuss financial challenges hospitals face from a shortage of nurses and other employees. Plus, Dan Seymour weighs in on how some smaller public finance issuers are recovering from pandemic-driven shutdowns.​
October 14th 2021 (14.40 mins)
Analyst Earl Heffintrayer of the Project and Infrastructure Finance team discusses how the air traffic recovery is helping US airports and their ability to weather COVID-19 surges. Plus, Eva Bogaty of the US Public Finance team examines prospects for tourism destinations Hawaii and Las Vegas and Tom Aaron weighs in on investment returns reducing pension liabilities for cities and states.​​
Display: 1 - 8 Of 17
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