Discover a wide range of award-winning data that includes ratings, ownership information, default data, ESG and climate scores, real estate data, financials, and M&A data with more data continually being added.

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Credit risk data

Our Risk Data Suite (RDS) family of solutions offers Moody’s Investors Service ratings and related information on corporations, financial institutions, sovereigns, structured finance, and public finance.  For understanding current changes in credit quality, MIR™ (Market Implied Ratings) provides a simple framework to identify possible changes in company credit risk from four sources: corporate bond, credit default swaps, equity markets, and Moody’s Investors Service ratings.  Additionally, RiskBench™ offers credit risk data and discovery for in-depth peer insights driven by a combination of financial statement and loan data from our bank consortium members and financial statement information from Orbis, as well as our award-winning credit risk models from the EDF-X solution to provide global coverage of aggregate peer data at scale

  • RDS Corporate and Structured Finance Service includes both current and initial ratings for over 11,000 organizations and 256,500 instruments along with historical ratings for over 34,000 organizations and 1,171,500 instruments
  • RDS Public Finance Service includes current and initial ratings for over 12,000 organizations and 533,500 instruments along with historical ratings for over 27,500 organizations and 3,485,000 instruments
  • MIR covers 4,000 currently rated firms and 16,000 securities along with historical coverage for over 10,000 issuers and 74,500 securities globally and includes median credit spreads and transition matrices
  • RiskBench peer data includes 200,000 peer groups powered by 22 million private and public companies with 10 years history grouped by industry, geography, and listing type
  • RiskBench includes Credit Cycle Adjusted Probability of Default for private firms by region


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Entity data

Orbis provides award-winning information on companies and people across the globe including firmographics, financials, financial strength metrics, detailed corporate ownership, adverse data flags, identifiers, funds, intellectual property/patents and M&A deals. In addition, Moody's Analytics Pulse provides award-winning information on private and public companies including firmographics, identifiers, contacts, financial news, public records, adverse data flags and behavioral insights through one of the largest databases of credit data in North America. Packages are available for data management and analysis projects including master data management (MDM), risk management, compliance and business strategy.

  • Global entity coverage of more than 448 million entities
  • Firmographic data on over 65+ million business locations
  • Expansive company and people screening data for ESG risk, sanctions, and more
  • Corporate ownership structures linking entities and people
  • 40+ million public records
  • Extensive company financials and related data
  • Large repository of reference data
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Default Data

The Default and Recovery Database (DRD) offers access to the same data used by Moody’s Investors Service to produce Moody’s Default Reports. This includes default data such as distressed exchanges, bankruptcies, missed payments, and more as well as instrument and family recovery information.  Our Default Risk Service (DRS) suite provides focused ratings and default data for municipal, structured finance and corporate segments.  This data helps users understand credit quality trends ideal for credit research and risk modeling.

  • DRD coverage includes over 850,000 debts and 60,000 corporate and sovereign entities and includes historical ratings dating back to 1919 and recovery data back to 1920
  • DRS-Municipal service includes over 30,000 unique municipal issuers with history starting in 1970 for the US
  • DRS-Structured Finance service includes over 214,000 tranches and 36,000 deals globally with credit history going back to 1983 and impairment history data back to 1986
  • DRS-Corporate service includes over 60,000 corporate, financial, sovereign and sub-sovereign issuers going back to 1919.
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ESG Data

Moody's ESG a trusted ESG and climate data provider that empowers organizations to make better, more sustainable decisions. The group combines decades of domain expertise with best-in-class risk analytics to provide forward-looking, location-specific climate risk data, and transparent ESG insights. Together, these capabilities serve a vast array of ESG objectives across sustainable investing and risk management.

  • Company ESG data for over 7,000 issuers within 40 industry sectors
  • Physical climate risk data for assets, companies, and sovereigns for 10,000 entities
  • Transition Risk Data including carbon footprint
  • Climate Controversies
  • Normative Standard Screening (e.g. UN SDGs)
  • Sustainable goods and services screening covering 9 sustainable areas of activity
  • Controversial activities screening across 17 areas for 10,000 entities
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Commercial Real Estate Data

Moody’s Analytics CRE™ provides validated and enriched datasets that give CRE professionals a 360-degree view of the US commercial real estate market, including expanded analysis that lets users assess key performance indicators  and trends for submarkets, markets and the nation. Our team of experts interpret and curate data from multiple sources to power better decisions based on the most complete and accurate information available.

  • Performance measurement data for over 3,000 US markets
  • Performance measurement data on over 8,000 US submarkets
  • Sectors include
    • Affordable housing, apartments, offices, retail, industrial, and others