Q: What is Moody's DataHub?

Moody's DataHub is the next generation in data distribution. It provides integrated data access, management, and delivery in a cloud-based platform. Access a broad range of data from across Moody’s, analyze it using industry standard data analytics tools, and consume it how you want, when you want. DataHub gives you transparency and control.

Q: Is Moody's Datahub the right delivery platform for me?

The DataHub is right for users who want large amounts of data, the use of data analytics tools, and cloud-based data delivery. It is right for data scientists and advanced desktop users who want streamlined access to a variety of Moody’s data all in one seamless platform. It gives extensive control over what content you receive, when, and in what format, while providing you with a suite of analytical tools for analyzing the data as an added benefit.

DataHub provides unique functionality and delivery capabilities for Moody’s data on a single, cloud-based platform.
• Simplifies data access and trials
• Supports cloud-based delivery
• Offers sandbox functionality
• Enables combining data from multiple data sets

Q: Who can I contact for more information about the platform?

If you have questions specific to the platform or any of the data offered on DataHub, please reach out to [email protected].

Q: How do I get access to Moody's DataHub?

Contact your sales representative to set up a trial or purchase a full data subscription or fill our our request form on this page.  Free trials give you 30 days to access data on Moody's DataHub.

Q: What does a trial include?

Trials provide you with the opportunity to preview the various content sets that Moody’s offers, including product definitions, business glossaries, and the data itself. When you get access to the platform, you can trial most of the datasets which will help show you the interoperability of the data on the platform.

During the trial period, access to trial data is read-only. To export data you must have a commercial subscription to the data product. Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to speak to someone about this.

Q: What happens to my access after the end of a trial period?

Your trial period will last for 30 days.  Please reach out to your Relationship Manager directly or [email protected] to discuss further.

Q: Am I able to export data?

You can control the format, frequency, and delivery method of your data export.  Provided that a data product has the required entitlements, you can export it from the platform for internal system and process integration.  The platform supports S3, GCS, and Azure cloud-to-cloud exports as well as SFTP and direct download capabilities.

Q: Am I able to export a subset of a data set that I am interested in?

You can configure your export to only include the rows and columns of a data set that you are interested in.

Q: What support is available once I have a subscription to data on the platform?

You can always submit questions to [email protected] and a team member will be in contact to help answer your question. Before your subscription begins a team member will be in contact to provide a platform demo and then will be available throughout your subscription to provide support. We also have collateral and videos that are accessible from within the application that can guide you as you explore the platform, and pre-built queries available.

Q: How can I share data with colleagues on the platform?

The DataHub gives you access to Amazon Workspaces which is a secured instance of a cloud based virtual machine for you to collaborate with colleagues on your bespoke data creations. We are not able to see your creations, only you and your selected colleagues are. Upload your own content to combine with ours or select multiple of our data sets to use in conjunction.

Whether you’re skilled in SQL, Python®, or R, you will have instant data access using your preferred tool without having to manage any underlying infrastructure or data integration. Access to multiple tools allows you to use the best tool for the job based on your use case and skillset. You’ll also have access to common data, code and analytics storage, allowing you to build out advanced, multi-language data operations focused on realizing value.

Q: Which data analytics tools are available?

Apache Spark™, Zeppelin, Hue, Hadoop®, Anaconda®, R Studio® and Apache Superset™ can all be used on the platform. These tools are operated within cloud infrastructure which enables faster computing on large datasets.

Q: Can I upload my own content?

Yes, there is functionality that allows you to upload your own content sets to the Exchange. You can combine your content along with the sets of our data sets that you are interested in. Any content you upload is strictly confidential and cannot be seen by us or our vendor under any circumstance. You can also control your own data product access to specific users within your organization.

Q: Can I revisit a customized view of my data?

You can access your engineered data creations anytime on the platform.  You will simply republish your engineered product to the Exchange, and can pick right back up where you left off at any time.

Q: How can I use Moody's DataHub with Snowflake?

You can use the cloud delivery capabilities within DataHub to import Moody’s data into your own Snowflake environment.