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Moody’s Talks – Bank Credit

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MARCH 2019
March 19th 2019 (10.06mins)
In this edition of Moody's Talks, Nick Hill and Alain Laurin in the Financial Institutions Group dial in from Paris to discuss non-performing loans (NPLs) and the new European Union regulations that are setting their minimum loan loss provisioning requirements.
November 27th 2018 (9.49mins)
In this episode of Moody’s bank credit podcast, Laurie Mayers, Associate Managing Director for Global Investment Banks (GIBs), and Michael Rohr, Vice President – Senior Credit Officer and lead analyst for several European GIBs, discuss Moody’s view of the challenges, and advantages, GIBs have competing in an increasingly digital financial services marketplace. Laurie and Michael first place the fintech challenge in the context of a broader evolution of bank business models. They then discuss the GIBs’ natural strengths of scale and deep capital resources, underscoring the importance of an agile digital strategy in channeling these strengths to their full advantage. They then close with a quick survey of which GIB business lines are most defensible and most at risk from digital disruption by new entrants.​
September 26th 2018 07:00AM
Stephen Long, global Managing Director for Moody’s Financial Institutions Group, and Minyan Liu, Associate Managing Director in the same group for Asia Pacific discuss how China’s banking system outlook will evolve over the coming 12-18 months, amid rising trade tensions and a more accommodative policy stance.
September 25th 2018 (9.25mins)
Senior Vice President Warren Kornfeld and Senior Vice President Rory Callagy discuss our views of two possible scenarios in which big tech firms such as Apple, Alphabet and Facebook would disrupt financial services. In our central scenario, big tech firms would take control of a portion of retail distribution from incumbent financial firms, causing these firms to accelerate their own efforts to transform for the digital age. In our alternate scenario – depending on the scope of regulatory changes, shifting customer preferences, the effectiveness of incumbents’ digital strategies, and big tech firms’ own appetites – big tech firms would take over a larger share of retail distribution, and could eventually displace some financial incumbents.
APRIL 2018
April 24th, 2018 (8.27mins)

​​In this episode of Moody’s bank credit podcast, Sean Marion, Managing Director for EMEA Banks, and Aleksander Henskjold, a Moody’s bank analyst based in London, discuss how the accelerating application of digital innovations will continue to drive disruption across banking. Sean and Aleksander discuss Moody’s view that incumbent banks which actively pursue agile digital strategies will prosper, upholding their creditworthiness, while banks that are slower or unable to adapt risk being displaced.

They explain that the change will vary considerably by region, sub-sector and institution, but identify four active arenas in which the bank of the future will be forged – customer expectations, competitive dynamics, infrastructure and regulation – covering the broad implications of each for banks and financial services more broadly.

January 23rd 2018 (7.40mins)
In this episode of Moody’s bank credit podcasts, Associate Managing Director Laurie Mayers and Alessandro Roccati, Senior Vice President from the Banking Team discuss the likely credit impacts of the UK’s ring-fencing regulation. Laurie and Alessandro cover what the regulation aims to achieve, what the affected banks need to do to implement it, and how it will likely affect the credit strength of those banks and their subsidiaries.​​
December 4th 2017 (7.04mins)
In this episode of Moody’s bank credit podcast, Ana Arsov, Managing Director for Global Investment Banks (GIBs), and David Fanger, Senior Vice President and lead analyst for several US-based GIBs, discuss Moody’s re-examination of GIB credit drivers, five years after the peer group’s ratings were re-positioned to reflect the volatility and risks inherent in large capital markets operations. Ana and David discuss the underpinnings of the 2012 rating re-positioning. They note that the GIBs’ credit strength is holding up about as Moody’s expected, while pointing out several areas in which the peer group has over-performed, and some where it has underperformed. Ana and David also talk about the improved profitability prospects for GIBs, while also noting some important caveats around capital, earnings stability and regulatory developments​​​​​​​​​​​​​
October 26th, 2017 (9.00 mins)
In this first episode of Moody’s bank credit podcast, Managing Director Nick Hill from the EMEA Banking Team and Simon Ainsworth, a Senior Vice President in the Ratings Process and Oversight Team, discuss Moody’s updated bank rating methodology. Nick and Simon cover the main factors Moody's will consider when making forward-looking adjustments to banks' balance sheets in line with its revised advanced Loss Given Failure (LGF) analysis. They outline how the methodology addresses banks’ debt issuance to meet Total Loss Absorbing Capacity (TLAC) requirements and Minimum Requirements for Own Funds and Eligible Liabilities (MREL); and they note why only a few bank ratings have so far been affected by Moody’s updated approach.​​​​​​​​​​
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