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Moody’s Talks – The Structured Finance Podcast
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November 5th 2018 (05:46 mins)
​​In this installment of our series, Jody Shenn, Vice president in Moody’s Structured Finance Research Group, explains the state of mortgage origination quality at this point in credit cycle.
October 11th 2018 (8.55 mins)
In the next instalment of our podcast series, analysts from our EMEA consumer structured finance team, Lyudmila Udot and Maria Divid, discuss how the underlying developments in the UK and Dutch mortgage markets will extend into the mortgage markets of other euro area countries in the next few years. They will also discuss how fintech mortgage companies are gaining a presence in the marketplace alongside the development of "green" mortgages, on the back of European-wide initiatives.​​​​​
September 17th, 2018 (6:10 mins)
In this edition of Moody's Talks Structured Finance, Senior Credit Officers Jeff Cassella and Tracy Rice discuss utility cost recovery charge securitization, a financing technique used to recover stranded costs, storm costs and other expenses, and how it can be a credit positive tool for regulated utilities.
September 12th 2018 (7.17 mins)
In the next instalment of our covered bond podcast series, analysts from our EMEA covered bond team and project finance team, Alexander Zeidler and Christopher Bredholt, discuss how a new legal framework, enacted on the 12 June, enabling Luxembourg banks to issue covered bonds backed by a pool of renewable energy projects is credit positive. The new legal framework provides banks a funding source for such projects. The framework allows renewable energy infrastructure financings, or REIFs, to be funded using a dual recourse structure and other features that mitigate risks.
September 4th, 2018 (5.45mins)
In this edition of Moody’s Talks Structured Finance, analysts Kristen Contrera and Aniket Deshpande provide a high-level overview of the CLO sector. They discuss the fundamentals of what a CLO is and how it’s structured, along with the types of loans and other debt that CLOs can buy​​​​.​
August 8th 2018 6:50mins
In the next installment of our podcast series, Yehudah Forster, Senior Vice President in US RMBS and Associate Analyst Michelle Tam discuss the risks of shrinking third-party diligence reviews (TPRs) among a small number of prime jumbo private-label residential mortgage-backed securitization issuers (PLS).They address the increased dependency on representations and warranties as a tool to protect transactions against losses from defective loans. ​​​​​
JUNE 2018
June 25th 2018 (6.42 mins)
In the next instalment of our podcast series on the UK consumer, analysts from our EMEA structured finance team, Greg O’Reilly and Greg Davies, discuss The Open Banking initiative, which went live in January 2018 and requires the United Kingdom's nine largest providers of current accounts to share their customer data with third parties, subject to client consent.

The greater accessibility of data will improve consumer credit assessments and loan pricing, consumers’ ability to manage their finances and offer opportunities to Fintech companies eager to expand. However, there are negative implications, including the prospect of higher consumer leverage.
JUNE 2018
June 20th 2018 (5.50 mins)
In this episode of Moody's Talks Structured Finance, Marie Lam, Associate Managing Director,  and Joe Wong, a Vice President, Senior Analyst, discuss how rising and high household debt levels, mainly in the form of mortgage loans, pose a risk to the RMBS, ABS and covered bond securitizations that Moody's rates. They also outline what measures the authorities in Australia, New Zealand, Korea and China  have imposed to rein in the household debt levels.​​​
Display: 1 - 8 Of 19
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